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How to Grow a Facebook Group: Best Working Method

To grow a facebook group to a maximum number of members is something that is always behind the mind of very blogger on online marketer. I see people building pages up to 100 000 likes but are unable to grow a group even up to 10000 members, it is quite embarassing.

When I am browsing I keep on seeing people writing many diffferent kinds of articles on how to grow a facebook group and ended up confusing the ready without even helping him/her to learn anything. Actually it no big magic that why I am not going to waste your time giving long unneccessary procedure that might appear as if you are solving but a complex polynomia.

My experience online is a positive one and that is why I always a lot of nice stories to tell based on experience. Experience teaches best. I am a blogger and maximize facebook as my only reliable social media, with lots of big pages and groups from which I have learned what I am about to show you today.

Before I outline the short steps on how to grow a facebook group, let me first of all tell you why a facebook group is important and even more than a facebook page.

Difference between a facebook page and a facebook group

A facebook page ismainly for your personal business and information there are only unidirectional, followers can only like, comment or share. But they are not able to post their own businesses or idea as an article on the page. On the other hand a facebook group is like a forum, where anybody can present new ideas or business and allows every other persons to interact, this is why when a facebook group has grown to let’s say 5000 members it has the potential of growing on auto pilot as you must not be there for new contents to be posted since members has rights to post depending on their level of membership and group restrictions.

Secondly, It is a facebook group that gives birth to a facebook page and not vise vesa. Facebook pages are been grown from facebook groups from scratch. You should understand what am talking about here because when you create your new page, you post on it and share to groups for visibility. So a single group can be used to grow several pages of which the reverse is not true. So having a larger facebook group will definitely mean you can grow any new page with ease and freedom

Easiest way to grow a facebook group from scratch

  • Use your facebook page or create a facebook page with same name you intend using for the facebook group and grow the page until it reaches about 1000 likes.
  • On the left sidebar of your facebookpage click on Groups and select CREATE GROUP. A new group with be crated and the owner of the group wil be the page.
Grow a Facebook Group
Grow a Facebook Group
  • Now each time you post an article on the page, share the article first to you new group and from the group you now share to other groups to grow you page and group simultaneously.

  • That is all, congratulation, you may now go one to grow your groups to the maximum number of members you like with no stress.

NB: If you already had and existing group you could link it to an existing page or create a new page and link it there. To link an existing page to a group, simply open the page, click on Groups on sidebar, click on LINK YOUR GROUP and select the group you wish to link. Now proceed from step 3 above and grow your facebook group with ease to any number of members you like.

When you have very big facebook groups you enjoy executive previleges on facebook and you don’t get banned carelessly.

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