Great Mike Web Design and SEO Agency has as objective the following:

  • Bring useful information to the reach of everybody by putting up relevant content on the web and ensure its transmission to those concerned.
  • Help Develop Web Sites of different categories per requirement
  • Carry out appropriate maintenance on existing websites per requirements
  • Promote content and products both on websites and social media
  • Train personnel on Basic Web Development, Web Management, and Internet Marketing
  • Run Search Engine Optimization SEO on websites.
  • To empower youths with digital skills through capacity building workshops.
  • To empower youths with complete knowledge in specific digital skills with the award of end of course certificates.
  • To promote peace promote peace, love and social cohesion amongst young people.
  • To empower youths by bringing together service seekers and service providers under the WANDACONNECT project.
  • To empower small businesses/individuals by providing digital solutions to help improve business operations.
  • To educate youths to respect state symbols and to assist the state in its mission of development.
  • To offer opportunity to the entire public by helping them realize digital solutions that fit their specific needs.
  • To create awareness about the internet including it positive and also the dangers associated with the internet.
  • To educate the public on the correct use of the internet and digital tools/devices.
  • To assist youths from other digital training centers with the internship process.
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