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ABOUT GreatMike Web Design and SEO Agency was initiated and developed by Michael Ngwena Mbah (GreatMike) under the vision of Great Mike Web Design and SEO Agency. Michael Ngwena Mbah is a Mechanical Engineer and Trained Teacher by education and profession. And also moved on to acquire extensive skills in Computer Software, Web Development and Internet Marketing.

We pride ourselves as the best web design and SEO company around the country. Our job range from consultancy to delivering exactly what clients want.

We have a physical Office/Training Center Located in Ndongo Molyko Buea.

We have a fine team of new-generation web designers and content writers.

Our job also extends to closing the gap between service seekers and service providers. We have achieved this by directing service seekers to the best service providers, we help find people in all works of life, such as fashion designers, welders, project writers, etc.

Great Mike Web Design and SEO Agency has as objective the following:

  • Bring useful information to the reach of everybody by putting up relevant content on the web and ensure its transmission to those concerned.
  • Help Develop Web Sites of different categories per requirement
  • Carry out appropriate maintenance on existing websites per requirements
  • Promote content and products both on websites and social media
  • Train personnel on Basic Web Development, Web Management, and Internet Marketing
  • Run Search Engine Optimization SEO on websites.

Email Support: [email protected] OR [email protected]

WhatsApp: (+237) 650419401