How To Protect Facebook Account From Hackers

Your facebook account is like an online personality from which people from all over the world can use to judge you. As time passes the danger of internet hacking has increase of which facebook is one of the biggest target. How to protect facebook account from hackers should be every facebook user biggest goal. Your accounts can be hacked for reasons including; defamation of your character, stealing your facebook properties including your groups and pages. And also stealing from your credit card. As such protecting your facebook account as much as possible is the best thing anyone can do to keep his/her online identity and properties safe. I have been a victim of facebook hacking from which two of my pages were stolen and I never got them back. Though I succeeded to retain my account. I only succeeded to cause facebook to shutdown one of those pages because the user was using it to publish pornographic content. It was from this bad experience that I had to follow up to protect myself from any further hacking.

I am going to share with you two basic methods from which hackers can hack your account and we shall see how to protect facebook account from such vulnerability.


This is a method of hacking by which the hacker creates a website use to collect users information such as email, password and credit card. The hacker designs a subdomain website which same theme (layout) as a trustworthy site such as facebook with a redirect button to the real website. For instance, the website will demand you to sign in using facebook. If accepted, a fake facebook page will be displayed to you on which you will see spaces for email and password respectively. Once you entered these information and click on sign in, the password and email are submitted to the hackers website while you are automatically redirected to your facebook account. Hence you will not be conscious of what has happened.


A website has two levels of existence; domain and subdomain. is a domain. Hence its the facebook website. (true) means mike is a subdomain under the domain facebook, mike belongs to the facebook website (true) While means facebook is a subdomain under the domain mike. Hence facebook belongs to mike website (fake) Now this how to avoid it. Make sure to look at the url bar to make sure it contains before typing in your email or password. So it could be "" or "", but never ""

2. Through Cache

Also Your browser has the ability to keep information including email and password for easy use and this is call caching. However this is sometimes disadvantageous as people around you can easily access you device and access your account and probably hacked off your facebook properties and defame your character by posting for you.


This situation can be avoided by always signing out after using your account and also clearing cache to dismiss any stored information by the browser.

Setting Up 2-factor authentication to protect facebook account from hacking using Computer.

The best means of preventing your account from being accessed on any other device is by putting in place a 2 factor authentication. It is a method by which each time you account is being logged in on a new device, a confirmation code is send to your phone number or email for verification. Hence making it impossible for a hacker to access your account even after having the email and password. Let us follow these procedure to ensure a 2 factor authentication using a computer. Click on setting Click on security and login Click on use 2 factor authentication Click on get started Enter password to con firm its you Select text message and click on next Enter phone number Enter verification code Click finish And your are done. Hence each time you or any person enters your username and password on a new device a confirmation code shall be sent to your phone for verification. Therefore even the person has you password and email he/she can't sign in without access to your phone. Hope this goes a long way to save as security major to protect your from online hackers. Read Also; 20 essential WhatsApp tricks and tips you should know How to save WhatsApp Status on your Android device Basic Introduction to the internet. Classification of network and network topology. Website Publishing, A necessity for the 21st century person. 8 Simple steps to create your own website blog for free

Protect Facebook Account From Hackers
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