New trick used by hackers to hack facebook pages

A new hacking trick used by hackers to hack facebook pages has been discovered through which facebook pages are been hacked off their owners through facebook business. [caption id="attachment_6483" align="aligncenter" width="852"]New trick used by hackers to hack facebook pages New trick used by hackers to hack facebook pages[/caption] Like the saying goes, it is only from greedy people that scammers, dealers and hackers benefits. Always endeavor to follow the right steps as the is no get rich quick scheme on these world. Those who are to ambiguous falls prey into the hands of bad guys. I earlier published an article to enable facebook user protect their accounts from being hacked off, but just discover bad hackers have come up with a new strategy that permits them hack facebook pages without even having access to your account. I shall show you a conversation I had with one such hacker before understanding what is going on. My biggest page was almost taken away until I had to play smarter and eject the admistrative invitation I sent to an unknown person unknowingly. Firstly, when ever your here someone writting you in your page inbox and telling you of running sponsored post on your page in exchange of paying some kind of money in US Dollars, be careful. They almost proposed thinks like paying 100 to 400 USD a day for probably 3 articles published a day. (EWhat can they really benefit to pay someone 100USD for one article a day, from sight the money is way too suspicious. However my interesd here is to protect facebook users and bloggers like myself who have sweat out their blood to build large pages to promote their contents, Below is the detail discussion I had with the supposed hacker, before I move I have people who complain and explained to me how their pages were being taken over by these bad guys, Read My conversation on one of my pages (Mugabe Wisdom Legacy) with a so called Brenda Frame and Know the new hacking trick used by hackers to hack facebook pages

Brenda Frame


$3,000 is my offer for your page, payment will be done via PayPal or Western Union.I'm a social Web Advertiser. I am interested in moving traffic to my web for your Facebook page. Let me know if you're interested in my offer. I'll be waiting for your response. Thanks

Mugabe's Wisdom Legacy

Your offer is quite impressive and I must confess it worth considering. But if can make it up to 5000 USD we can make a deal, hoping to hear from you soonest

Brenda Frame

Hi, I'm interested in posting paid articles on your page through instant facebook articles. You will be paid $ 100 per article and daily.

I do not need any access to the page, I will give you access to the sponsored ads where you can select the article, post it on the page and receive your payment.

You must post 3 articles a day through instant Facebook articles. $ 100r item $ 300 for 3 items a day

Mugabe's Wisdom Legacy

I think am Ok with that, we try to strike a deal then

Brenda Frame

Brenda Frame

It will be your page type related content that will be published on your page This is our website

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which payment method you want to re

Trick used by hackers to hack facebook pages
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