Online taxation registration Cameroon imatriculation Number

The Ministry of finance through the Directorate General of Taxation announces an online taxation registration in Cameroon for the issuing of Tax Payer Registration Number or Online Imatriculation Number.




Online Taxation Registration in Cameroon

Tax Payer Registration Number

Online Imatriculation Number

Guide To The Online Taxation Registration Procedure in Cameroon:

Guide To Online Imatriculation Number Registration Procedure At The Directorate General of Taxation Cameroon

Do I have to go to a tax center to get it?
You no longer have to go through a Tax Center to obtain a certificate which now serves as a taxpayer card.
You can get it online for free on the DGI website at:
How to proceed ?
Let us distinguish two categories of people here:
- those who have never completed this formality and;
- those who have already obtained tax registration.
In the latter case, many have already been automatically registered without knowing it. It's about in particular active and pensioners from the state balance file and private employees affiliated to the CNPS.
In any event, the procedure to follow to find out whether you are registered for tax purposes and instant print registration certificate is as follows:

How to Check and Instant Print Tax Payer Registration Number (Certificate)

1. Access the DGI website by clicking on ;
2. Click on e-registration ;

3. Click on "I already have a fiscal identifier number";
4. Enter only your first name in the 'Name or business name' section and click on the magnifying glass;
5. Find your first and last name in the list displayed by the system;
6. Export to PDF and print;
7. Click on 'edit the registration certificate'.

For those who do not yet have a tax registration, the procedure to follow is the
next :

Procedure For Online Taxation Registration in Cameroon

1. Access the DGI website by clicking on ;
2. Click on e-registration ;
Page 2
3. Click on: "I have not yet been registered";
4. Complete the form, by filling in the fields below:
o Type of taxpayer:
Moral or physical person
o Document number:
CNI, commercial register,…
o Company name o Country:
o Acronym: o City:
o Date of creation: o Municipality:
o Place of creation: o Neighborhood:
o Name of the manager: o Place:
o Legal form: o Email:
o Tax regime: o Tel:
o Declared activity:
o Employer:

5. Click on: “Send” to generate the NIU;
6. Export to PDF and print;
7. Click on 'edit the registration certificate'.

Information from the Directorate of Taxation in Cameroon

Normally, everyone of the age of majority is required to have a taxpayer registration number. This is because each of us makes various transactions (IRPP payment, real estate transaction, VAT payment on invoice, etc.). The MINFI through the DGI is dematerializing all the procedures, and within 3 years, all individuals will be obliged to register.

This will do that when you go to a SANTA LUCIA supermarket (for example) to make a purchase, instead of giving your name, you give your tax registration number, so the VAT that will be charged will be recorded at your name, and at the end of the year the results will be compiled in the national accounts.

With this measure, no one can be authorized to make a purchase without a taxpayer number.

The taxpayer number is a 14-digit number that begins with a letter and ends with a letter. The first 5 retrace the information on the person and their date of birth (or creation).

- For an individual born in June 2019, the first 5 numbers are P0619 (Natural person born in June 2019), the other 9 digits are indicative

-For a company created in March 2016, the first 5 numbers are M0316 (Legal person created in March 2016), the other 9 representing the index items.


Secular arm of the State, Decentralized Territorial Collectivities (CTD) and Public Establishments in terms of resource collection, the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) is the operational organ of the Ministry of Finance of Cameroon. Its missions are defined by decree no. 2013/066 of February 28, 2013.


The DGI is headed by a Director General, Modeste Mopa Fatoing, who has been in post since October 2014. It employs around 3,500 people and contributes 61% to the State's own resources (see 2017 Annual Report). In recent years, it has undergone numerous organizational and functional reforms which make the DGI a modern and efficient administration at the service of the State and taxpayers.

According to Decree No. 2013/066 of February 28, 2013 which governs its operation, the Directorate General of Taxes is responsible for:

online taxation registration in cameroon

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Online taxation registration
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