Greatmike Foundation Awards Certificates To Meritorious Students In Different Digital Skills

Awarding of certificates to students of merit by Greatmike Foundation on the 03th of June 2023 at the training office in Molyko Buea, Cameroon. Greatmike Foundation Awards Certificates To Meritorious Students After Successful Completion Of Different Digital Courses With Excellent Practical Excesses.

National Diploma in Software Engineering In Cameroon

Greatmike Foundation Awards Certificates

This was a graduation ceremony to duly issue certificates to students of different digital skills by Greatmike Foundation. This was done after the students successfully completed different study programs. We understand certificate is just a proof of learning and does not guarantee mastery. But we are 100% sure anybody who passes through our training program is practically fit to the task.

In addition, We want to heavily congratulates our graduates. Firstly, for trusting us and secondly for being so discipline in following all instructions which enable them to learn easily. They are now ready to face the world and we are wishing them the best of luck in their digital career.

This ceremony took place at the training center and was attended by many. We heartily thank all participants and hoping to gather more people again for another jubilation in sincerity.

Digital Certificates Awarded On This Occasion

Certificates where awarded in different field fields of specialty by merit including;

Its Important noting that graduates have the additional advantage of sitting in for a national examination for the award of a National Diploma in either Web Application Development Or Digital Marketing..

Program of the day.

The occasion started at about 11:00 am and ended at about 3:30 pm. It was a wonderful ceremony and everyone went home satisfied and happy. Note that, Trainings programs are custom so learners can begin at anytime. One thing is sure, that upon graduation, learners must have acquired the required skills to help them fit conveniently in the work market. You have the possibilities to study both onsite or online using our online training platforms

After acquiring a complete digital skills, you can become a freelancer on our freelancing platform

Greatmike Foundation Awards Certificates
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