Study And Obtain A National Diploma In Web Application Development And Web Design In Cameroon

Undergo a 10 months study program and obtain a National Diploma ND in Web Application Development and Web Design In Cameroon. The National Diploma in Cameroon can permit you study just for one year in any other higher institution to obtain an HND in Web Graphics, Web Development and Web Design.

Why Choose A National Diploma In Web Application Program In Cameroon?

We understand that anyone can follow the regular 2 year program in any higher institution to obtain a higher national Diploma. But why do you have to choose an ND program first instead of going direct.

First of all, a National Diploma is considered as Advanced level plus one. This simply means if you have to pursue a university program you will have to continue as a second year student.

A National Diploma fall under vocational training hence its more of practical than theory. Taking the 10 months course and obtaining the ND will also permit you to acquire skills that can never be acquired in a regular higher institution.

Courses at the level of the National Diploma In Cameroon are much less that those in conventional higher institution. This is because most of the work involves practical hence no need for unnecessary courses.

The ND program most at times is made up of smaller class sizes which permit more accurate interaction between lecturer and students.

Contact us for our certification program and also become eligible to sit for the National Diploma examination.

What You Will Learn To Obtain A National Diploma In Web Application Development;

Requirement To Undergo This Training Program.

The requirement to study and obtain a National Diploma In Web Application Development Is As Below;

Study program is completely onsite so students will need to dedicate maximum availability. The training program is fully practical so learners will be able to apply knowledge in solving real life problems.

We have other certified study programs such as Digital Marketing, Web Design and Graphics Design. We also offer online study programs at Greatmike Academy.

National Diploma In Web Application Development
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