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Greatmike Foundation is a digital foundation with four (4) major aims;

Why Greatmike Digital Foundation?

After critical research in software engineering studies and web development, the reality remains that it is very difficult to study and understand digital skills from regular schooling. Because of this, we find lots of student of which after graduation, completely lack the digital know how. Part of the blame can be giving to the schools as well as the students.

Maybe the student don't truly understand that acquiring digital skill is very difficult and requires far more than learning, reading and passing exams. Digital skills requires constant practice less all you will acquire is empty speeches. Students must understand learning today is more personal than conventional. So relying completely on a conventional system of schooling in order to master a digital skill is a very big mistake.

On the other hand, part of the blame might be put on the current method of learning especially in our African schools. Learning in certificate focused instead of being job oriented. Its time to abandon the theoretical manner of learning which include memorizing theories and procedure to memorize and validate exam courses. Everyone can readily access such theories and procedure online. The major concern is about the applications. Students should be given more time to focused on practical work than theories. Unnecessary subjects should be eliminated. If that is done there shall be enough time for teachers to practice with students of subjects that matters the most.

What Greatmike Foundation Offers

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In an attempt to bridge these gaps, Greatmike Foundation has created a comprehensive practical study programs for youths. With this youths are sure of coming out with the exact knowledge needed to face the real world in terms of digital technology. These study programs can turn anybody from zero to hero in less than no time. The programs ore job oriented, hence focused more on practical with real world projects. Its mostly a How To study program so every learner must be able to execute at the end. The major branches of study presently covers;

We have also created and launch a comprehensive digital freelancing platform to help assist in the digital sphere in Cameroon. This platform is fully aimed at Bringing together service seekers and service providers. The name of the platform is WANDACONNECT with website This platform can assist with the following;

With the above mentioned, we hope these will help boost the digital community in Cameroon. This is going to ease access to digital services and also make them more valuable and meaningful.


Its high time we focus our digital training in Cameroon on solving our real life problems. This is the only way learners will be able see the reality of what they are learning and derive pleasure in learning more.

We have also created an online study platform called GREATMIKE ACADEMY with website This platform is a self teaching platform to enable learners learn from the comfort of their home. This platform is aim at eliminating the problem of distances and learning schedules. Greatmike Foundation Designed Website purposely to eliminate the problem of persons not being able to learn as a results of distances of busy work schedules. With this you can learn from any location and at anytime.

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