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Web Design Training In Cameroon

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Gone are those days when no one could ever think of a web design training agency or company in Cameroon. Become a professional with just six weeks of web design training in Cameroon. Today we bring to you the Great Mike Web Design Training Program. An agency that has stood the test of time in Cameroon in terms of Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Today we have decided to make others be like us to satisfy the ever-growing web design clients. Register with our training agency and become a professional web designer in just 6 weeks. Surprised? No need to because we already did all the hard work in determining what works best and we are here just to show you the way and not to let you wonder anymore.

Why learn Web Design From Us

We pride ourselves as the best web designers in Cameroon. As such, we are confident that our web design training program in Cameroon will go a long way in bringing up new generation web designers in Cameroon.

Learning from someone with over 3 years of working experience in web design, SEO, and other forms of digital marketing is added advantage.

We have designed different types of websites in and out of Cameroon. We thought it wise that training people to be like us will make more impact in the community. It is for this reason that we upgraded our design center into a training center.

Web design training cameroon

Our web design training center is located in Molyko Buea. You can easily get in touch through our business line at +237 650 419 401, email: or just click the WhatsApp button below and leave us a message.

We assure you we respond to each and every single message that we receive. We believe in serving our readers and clients to the best of their satisfaction.

Web design training cameroon

Gone are those days where web design was a kind of misery that you need to solve some very complex codes before being able to understand anything. Today the knowledge of web designing has been brought down to the level where even non-programmers can get along with it in less than no time.

Great Mike Multi Digital agency offers a customized web design training in Cameroon with the intention of freeing most youths from the plaque of unemployment after regular schooling.

I hate to say this, but most of our schools today have outdated teaching syllabus and teach students out of our immediate societal context leaving them almost useless in society upon graduation. It is high time teaching/learning in schools gets job/societal oriented.

Why learning web design?

web design training center cameroon

It is no news that the traditional form of marketing and advertisement through radio and television is gradually going out of fashion and being replaced with what is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is defined as doing advertisement with the help of the internet using any form of digital devices and services such as computer, phone, etc. As such every business, today is looking for a means to own an online property in the form of a website that will enable them to meet up with the new modern marketing strategy.

Taking Our web design services in Cameroon will enable you to enter the job market with complete knowledge on designing websites such as portals, blogs, and eCommerce. Our teaching is job-oriented. That is why we show you everything you need to know concerning web design and straight to the point. With our training of 6 weeks and 2 weeks of home practicing, you shall be able to design adequate websites within days and gain some cool cash.

We also extend your studies to give you a general knowledge of digital marketing which you can expand by subscribing to the course.

Objective of our web design training in Cameroon.

Our intention is to bridge the gap that exists between learners and job opportunities. They are lots of things that a website can do. For this reason, thousands of people every day are looking for web designers to help turn their ideas into reality. Learning web design is simply giving yourself a perfect opportunity to solve problems and make money.

At the end of your course in web design training in cameroon you shall be able to do the following.

  • Create websites such as Portal (for companies and organizations), blogs (for bloggers), and eCommerce ( for businesses; buying and selling).
  • Design websites with the best speeds, navigation, responsiveness, and mobile friendliness.
  • Create professional email and mailing lists where needed.
  • Gain knowledge of content creation and basic digital marketing.
  • Customize websites using HTML and CSS

How long does it take to become a professional web designer.

Our web design training in Cameroon basically takes 6 weeks for an average learner. It could be less based on an application for customized training on specific things. Our team always takes the time to counsel our prospective clients to ensure they understand exactly what they need.

We do training both online and offline but we usually request at least two weeks of one on one meeting before proceeding online.

We clearly understand different persons have different learning abilities. As such, we make our training to be as simple as possible so that even slow learners can follow.

We also do the favor of mentorship after training to ensure our traineer pickup fully as professional web designers.

At the end of our web design training, we encourage trainees to take the Digital Marketing course. This will enable gain vast knowledge on the different ways of turning a website into a money-making venture. By so doing they finish up everything for one client, from web designing to advertising. Is that not wonderful? Afterall all businesses and money-making ventures end at advertising.

Requirements for web design training in Cameroon.

To be eligible to enrol in our web design training program you must possess the following.

  • A computer to help you during training and at home.
  • An internet facility such as a wifi box to help you practice and work at home.
  • General knowledge in using a computer including the Microsoft package in at least words, with basic knowledge in publisher and PowerPoint.
  • And last but not the least, you must have your training fees.

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