Welding Metal Work Services In Cameroon

Hire a welder from a company with the most experienced welders in Cameroon. Our welding metal work services in Cameroon include all kinds of welding work you might think about, which includes;

We are specialists well experienced in welding all kinds of metal materials including welding of Alluminium and Stainless Steel.

We also have training programs to help train those who want to learn welding metal work in Cameroon.

Defination of Welding Metal Work

Welding is an important component of many industries such as the construction industry, the automotive industry, and others. Without this very important form of metal work, so many structures and other things we see around us, including buildings, gates, vehicles, kitchen appliances, and fences would not exist. In fact, over 70 percent of all manufactured products are made with the skills of welders. That goes to show the importance of welding in keeping our country strong domestically, industrially, economically, and otherwise.

Welding is basically defined as a fabrication process whereby two or more parts are fused together by means of heating to a suitable temperature, with or without the application of pressure, to form a joint as the parts cool.

Welders are needed virtually every day in Cameroon as the need for them is on the rise especially with the emergence of new buildings and the need for maintenance on other structures and assets every now and then in all parts of the country.

Why Hire A Welder From Our Company In Cameroon?

When it comes to getting welding and metal work services, you want to make sure you are getting them from the most reliable outfit. And that is why we are here as your most reliable and trusted welding partner. You can trust us for all your welding and maintenance needs, be it at home, your office, company, institution or anywhere else.

Our skilled, certified welding staff has years of welding experience and can provide a extensive range of services ranging from structural and plate welding to light gauge welding. We weld on most alloys, including steel, stainless, aluminum, and cast iron. Our state-of-the-art facility is well equipped to handle all types of welding challenges.

Our Welding outfit offers various welding services including structural steel welding, mobile welding services, industrial fabrication, pipe and stainless steel welding, metal construction and farm equipment. We also carry out maintenance, repair and installation services. Contact details:

Now, let’s look at our Welding Metal Work services in Cameroon in detail.

Types of welding services

Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Welding Metal Work

Welding Metal Work Vehicle repairs and maintenance

Perhaps your vehicle got into an accident and got damaged or just suffering from general wear and tear.  It would definitely require welding work. To help keep your vehicle's chassis and bodywork in the best condition and shape, we offer complete vehicle welding services at very affordable prices. We work on most types of vehicles including cars, vans and motorcycles.

We give you everything from MOT failure repairs, exhaust pipes, gear box repair, suspension repair, clutch repair and weld aftermarket exhausts to full vehicle reconstruction work. So get in touch with us and you can be assured of the best welding services for your vehicle that needs repairs.

Domestic Welding Metal Work

Domestic Welding metal work in cameroon

If you need something special for your home, we design and make fixtures and fittings, beds, staircases, corner table, firewood dolly, hanging shelves, entry gates, metal doors, window protectors, outdoor fireplace, suspension stool, hammock rocking chair, wine bottle holder, water tank stands and a host of other interior and exterior services for homes. This is handled by our skilled welders who will make sure they leave you satisfied.

Industrial installation and Fabrication

With our state-of-the-art facilities, our skilled industrial fabrication experts provide the best, safest and quickest solutions for your most complex industrial installation and fabrication needs.

Our experienced team maintains superior training, quality workmanship, professionalism, the best safety standards and use our high standard equipment to complete any given task.

Welding Metal Work Piping

Piping welding metal work

Our pipe welding process is achieved through different welding methods like Arc Welding, MIG Welding, TIG welding, and several other welding techniques. Our expert mechanical technicians, welders, welding supervisors, and welding engineers carry out pipe fitting services for industries.

Our welding and pipefitting solutions include:

Fabrication of factory and warehouse sheds

We also provide sheet materials for your warehouse or factory. We can provide different types of sheet material which can suit your budget as well as requirement such as pre-coated sheets, and Fiber sheets.

Our Training Services In Welding Metal Work

We do not only offer welding metal work services, we also train people who aspire to be expert welders. After all, our expert welders will not be here forever. When they retire, they will need other trained welders to step into their shoes. Also, with the need for ensuring quality control and assurance when it comes to welding metal works, we have seen the need to train young people in order to ensure that when they go into the labor market, they will apply these important elements of control and assurance.

We therefore train our students using the competency based education approach. Competency-Based Education is basically an approach that ensures that our students learn at their own pace by mastering competencies through demonstration. Once all competencies for a our programs have been assessed and mastered, we will offer them a diploma to show that they have been properly trained and can start practicing.

We train young school leavers who want to take up a career in welding as well as individuals who have some experience in welding but want to upgrade their skills. Thus we train them in:

Welding Metal Work of aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most popular welding metals due to its combination of lightweight and high strength. It also has high resistance to corrosion, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and high reflectivity to both heat and light. That is why it is important for our trainees to be properly skilled in this.

The welding process is for the most practical and includes two welding process: MIG-MAG and TIG on sheets and pipes of different thickness.

Also, when it comes to aluminum welding, we train our students on using filler material as some aluminum cannot be welded without filler material as they will undergo solidification cracking. Also the correct filler material must be selected to ensure that the end result is perfect as a wrong filler material will give a bad result.

So we ensure that our students are properly trained in this and other aspects about aluminum welding, so that when they start practicing, they will be able to produce the expected results.

Welding Metal Work of stainless steel

Stainless steel has gained enormous popularity over the years because of its precious features. Some of these features are resistance to water and other types of liquid, chemical and gaseous corrosion. Stainless steel also has strong and long lasting properties. That is why we have made it part and parcel of our training.

As far as stainless steel welding is concerned, we ensure that our trainees are properly trained on:

This welding method is particularly important as it welds more metals and alloys than any other process, creates clean and high quality welds, welds in all positions and uses one shielding gas (Argon) for all applications. This it is particularly important for our trainees to gain skills in this welding method.

This type provides lasting bonding of two pieces of stainless steel especially when it is correctly done. It is thus easier to weld the hard-to-reach corners on those intricate stainless steel projects.

Spot welding is basically a type of electric resistance welding used to weld various sheet metal products, through a process in which contacting metal surface points are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current.

Here we help instill skills that will enable our trainees set up welding equipment for both MAG and resistance spot welding.

We also ensure that they are able to demonstrate their skills and ability to produce a series of MAG butt / fillet welds. In addition, we also ensure that they are able to show their ability to assess MAG welds for visible defects, can complete a series of resistance spot welds and are able to assess resistance spot welds for visible defects.

What Makes Our Welding Metal Work Service In Cameroon Stand Out?

They are several welding and metal work services in all parts of Cameroon offering almost the same services but what makes us stand out from them all? Here is why we are outstanding:

With the experience we have gotten over the years in welding and fabrication, we have accumulated a lot of expertise and experience necessary to work with all safety standards. Our welders are trained and they master their work like the back of their hands. They have also done several welding jobs and it has in fact become a routine. You would sure want to trust your welding and metal works in the hands of people who have been well trained for the job and have amassed a lot of experience over the years.

We offer services with the most affordable prices you can get anywhere as in the country. We make it a policy to ensure that every client who comes to us is satisfied at the end of the day. This does not mean altering the quality as that will go against our other policy of always ensuring quality.

You certainly would need a very reliable welding outfit to handle your welding and metal works as you do not want to be disappointed or get a service that is below expectation at the end of the day. We also understand that the importance of avoiding delays and adhering to deadlines, so we always make extra efforts to finish in or on time.

Now you know you can come to us or just place a call for the best welding and metal work services in Cameroon. Fortunately, we are also available online. So you can check out our works and you will agree we are just the best partner you can pick for your welding and metal works.

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