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Buy Pregnancy Test Strips In Cameroon

We supply pregnancy test strips throughout the national territory of Cameroon including; Buea, Douala, Yaounde, Bamenda, Limbe, Tiko, Kumba, Mutengene, etc. Buy effective pregnancy test strips from us at a very affordable price. Our test strips are 99% effective and easy to use by anyone.

  • Are you looking for the quickest means to know if you are pregnant?
  • Did you just had unprotected sex and now afraid you might be pregnant?
  • Are you looking for where to buy pregnancy test strips but a shame to go to a regular pharmacy because everyone might see you?
  • Or did you go to the pharmacy and they tried to sell you one at an exaggerated price of 500frs?

Faith Online Mall is here to solve your worries, buy pregnancy test strips from us online without anyone else knowing about it. We can even repackage in a different container so when you collect no one can easily identify the content.

Buy your pregnancy test strips in wholesale and retail in Cameroon

Buy pregnancy test strips easy to use alone.

A lot of women who are TTC (trying to conceive) find it difficult to always buy pregnancy test strips because retailers sell at very expensive prices. Some of them live in areas they can’t always have it when they need it.  However, some business individuals, as well as hospitals and pharmacists, exaggerate the prices even though some are poorly made. Faith’s Online Mall is here to solve all your problems and to ensure that business people and individuals get the best quality of pregnancy one-step tests to satisfy their clients and themselves.

How To Use A Pregnancy Test Strip In Cameroon

How to use pregnancy test strips at home

Method 1

  • Dip strip in urine, keep urine level below “MAX” line.
  • Place strip on a clean level surface as the solvent front reaches the membrane area.
  • Read the result in about 3 minutes.

Method 2

  • Place Strip on a clean level surface.
  • Apply three (3) drops of urine on the exposed sample pad.
  • Read results in about 3 minutes.

Results Interpretations.

  • Two red lines indicates a positive result; which means you are pregnant.
  • One red line indicates a negative results; which means you are not pregnant.


We sell our pregnancy test strips at the level of everyone in need. Below are our prices which can’t be seen anywhere else;

  • A carton of 10 packets (containing 500 strips) =50,000 frs CFA
  • A packet of 50 pieces =6,000 frs CFA
  • ½ packet of 25 pieces= 3,500 frs CFA
  • 10 pieces= 2,000 frs CFA
  • 3 pieces= 1,000 frs CFA

Main contact 650-220-525


  1. Kumba- Located at Barombi Native
  2. Buea- Molyko, Check Point precisely
  3. Yaounde- Nsimeyong
  4. Douala- Dakar

We supply pregnancy test strips all over Cameroon at very affordable prices. We deliver to you at your doorsteps and payment is made on delivery. Payment is made before delivery only if the individual doesn’t live in a town where we have a delivery agent since the parcel will be expedited to the recipient.

There are also individuals who are scared, shy and don’t want others to know they are taking a pregnancy test. If you are in this type of situation, you can contact us through our phone number to get it to u discreetly without anyone knowing. If you are in a town where we have a delivery agent, we deliver to you at the price of 200-1000frs depending on your distance from our distributor. You can also come directly to us to get our parcel.


  • If you think you may be pregnant, a simple test using a small sample of urine can usually provide the answer.
  • Home pregnancy tests can detect if you are pregnant as early as 7 to 10 days after conception
  • Home pregnancy tests are inexpensive, easy to use, private, and require only a few minutes of time to obtain results.
  • According to pregnancy kit manufacturers, most at-home pregnancy tests are 97% to 99% accurate when used as instructed. Positive results can be trusted, but falsely negative results can be seen very early in the pregnancy.


A urine pregnancy test looks for human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a special hormone that is present only when a woman is pregnant. The body begins to produce HCG the moment a fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus, usually 7 to 10 days after ovulation and fertilization. After that event, the levels of HCG in the blood doubles every 2 to 3 days, becoming detectable in a urine test approximately two weeks after conception, sometimes earlier.

 If your home pregnancy test is negative, test your urine again within a few days to a week. If you think you might be pregnant despite a negative test result, call your doctor or health care provider and schedule an appointment.


Other tips to follow when taking an at-home pregnancy test include:

  • If you wish to use a home pregnancy test kit, be sure to check the expiration date on the package before purchasing. If the kit is past its expiration date, the test results may not be accurate.
  • Use your first morning urine when possible, when HCG levels are most concentrated.
  • Do not drink excessive amounts of fluids before the test to increase the volume of urine. This could dilute the HCG levels.
  • Read the directions included in the test thoroughly before starting the test, and follow every step precisely.
  • Some fertility drugs may interfere with the test results. Most other over-the-counter and prescription drugs, such as birth control pills and antibiotics, should not affect the results of a home pregnancy test. Check the package labeling for additional information.