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Non-Sticky Marble Frying Pan For Sale In Cameroon

Non-sticky marble frying pans are the latest qualities that prevent your food from burning and gives you a healthy meal free from toxic chemicals. A lot of Africans face the problem of getting quality frying pans; especially when it comes to the ones that don’t stick. Many frying pans which are non-sticky are made with toxic chemicals that are dangerous to the health.

Buy Non-sticky marble stone prying pan
buy non-sticky marble stane frying pan in cameroon, buea, douala, limbe, yaounde, bamenda
Non-sticky marble stone frying pan for sale

Faith’s Online Mall has taken the challenge to deal with quality kitchen utensils like marble frying pans. We sell good first-class quality stone marble frying pans all over Cameroon. We work with HUOCHU Company to supply us with the best and most healthy frying pans. We sell wholesale to business centers like MAIMA, SANTA LUCIA, SANTA BARBARA, CARREFOUR MARKET, JUMIA, LAALAA MARKET, NJEIFORBI, and many other small businesses all over the nation. We equally do retail to individuals nationwide. Faith’s Online Mall is located in Douala, Yaounde, Kumba, and Buea to meet the needs of the rising population especially in the South West Region of the country.

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From 50 pieces and above 3,000frs for one

From 20-50 pieces 3,000frs

From 5-19 pieces 3,500frs

From 1-4 pieces 4,500frs


 This cookware has become popular in recent years with the rise of natural and organic cooking and the increased awareness of health risks associated with man-made nonstick coatings.

The technology of using marble chips for frying (spraying with particles of marble) is a successful design solution.


  • Marble frying pan has a more stable protective film (layer) from external, undesirable factors (scratches, detergents with the addition of solid micro-particles and so on). They have proven their best side with long-term operation and preservation of a presentable appearance. Unusual exterior design of pans can compete with the most expensive frying products.
  • Marble chips benefit in many respects, in contrast to ceramic coating, which has a “fear” of falling even from a small height, exposure to chemical alkaline or abrasive products during cleaning.
  • This type of pans, for the most part, is produced in factories in China and Korea.
  • The price of marble pans is quite affordable, affordable not only for the privileged class, but also for the economy, which ensures accessibility and popularity among consumers.
  • Ceramic, Teflon coating is not recommended by manufacturers for use on cooking surfaces with induction type of work, but this does not apply to marble pans.
  • There are models of frying pans with marble chips, the appearance of the coating of which resembles a hive (honeycomb of bees), a diamond-shaped and cellular surface. This increases the quality of the cooking process, the same coverage area of ​​the heating of the pan. Such pans are appreciated by lovers of frying over high heat, with the formation of a crisp in such dishes as: pancakes, toasted slices of bread, potatoes, fried eggs and many others.
  • The coating includes only natural raw materials, so that when heated, the material does not produce toxic components that could harm the human body.
  • This dish is very durable, it is resistant to cracks, deformation, easily tolerates harsh operating conditions.
  • A stone-coated pan can be used to prepare healthy foods, since cooking can do without oil. Such dishes contain less fat, cholesterol and carcinogens.
  • Uniform distribution of heat contributes to the preservation in the products of vitamins and other elements that benefit the person.
  • The dishes heats up quickly, which means that the dishes are cooked much faster.
  • These are universal frying pans that are suitable for any type of cooker. In addition, they are easy to maintain. For example, most of them are dishwasher safe.
  • Aesthetic appearance improves the emotional mood of the hostess, which undoubtedly affects the quality and taste of the preparing dishes.


  • Maximum security, excellent strength indicators of cookware from mechanical stress;
    • The minimum amount of time for full heating of the frying utensils (huge cost savings for paying for electricity when using this type of stove);
    • The diversity of the use of these pans on different types of stoves, hobs;
    • A modern approach to heat treatment of food, with maximum preservation of all useful substances in products, without the use of oil in the cooking process. Ideal for people who advocate a healthy diet;
    • The marble coating is developed using modern multi-layer technology to increase the durability of the non-stick coating. In different model variations, their number is 2, 3, or 5;
    • Passed multiple tests, scientific studies confirm the environmental safety of frying pans, with the application of marble chips when cooking;
    • The properties of marble and the metal used in frying dishes make it possible to capture the entire surface during heating, with an even distribution of heat from the burner;
    • Hassle-free washing, cleaning the pan. With the permitted use of ordinary washing gels, powders, but with the desirable use of a soft cloth or sponge;
    • Lightweight and maneuverable in the hand, cooking in such an oven is a pleasure.