101 Nursing Research Project Topics Easy To Score An A Grade In Cameroon HND and Degree

As a requirement for obtaining an HND or Degree in nursing in Cameroon, candidates are required to compose nursing research projects. This can sometimes be very time-consuming and stressful, especially when it comes to deciding on choosing a good research topic. If you really care about getting good grades, then it is important to prepare well at the pre-writing stages, and picking a good research topic is part of the proper preparation process.

Having a good topic in nursing is almost like already scoring 50% of the marks at the defense.

Our intention for writing this article is to assist nursing students having difficulties with the following;

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101 Nursing Research Project Topics To Easily Score An A Grade At HND and Degree In Cameroon.

Nursing research project topics for HND and Degree in Cameroon

Below we have gathered 101 nursing research project topics easy to score A grade at the Cameroon HND and Degree program end of course defense.

Our intention is to help free students from the stress of not knowing how to select a nursing research project topic. With these our list, students can just read and pick a topic directly and go on to produce a very elaborated reasearch project.

If you are preparing to start your project work and you are not too sure of the best topic to work on, then this article is for you. We will share with you some excellent 25 research topics you should consider working on.

  1. Knowledge And Acceptability Of Cervical Cancer Screening Among Female Part-Time Students In The University Of Buea
  2. Assessment of Healthcare Waste Management Practices Among Health Workers
  3. Effect of Training Midwives on the Utilization of Partograph in General Hospitals in Fako, South West region of  Cameroon
  4. Factors Influencing Umbilical Cord Care Practices Among Mothers Attending Infant Welfare Clinic in Selected Primary Healthcare Centres in Cameroon
  5. Factors Associated With Discharge against Medical Advice among Patients in Bafoussam Regional Hospital, West Region, Cameroon
  6. The effects of night shift schedules on nurses working in private hospitals in Kribi, South Region of Cameroon
  7. Perceived Benefits of Exercise Among Pregnant Mothers in Santa subdivision, Mezam division of the North West region of Cameroon
  8. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Standard Precautions Among Healthcare Workers Acknowledgements
  9. The problem of Pregnancy and Abortion on Girl Child Education in Cameroon
  10. Sample Survey on the Use of Contraceptives Drugs Among Female Student of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences in the University of Buea
  11. The Prevalence of Home Accidents among Children Less Than Five (5) Years in Cameroon: The Case of Limbe I Municipality
  12. The attitude of Nurses towards Relapse Prevention among Psychiatric Patients in Cameroon: The Limbe General Hospital
  13. The Prevalence And Risk Factors Of HIV Transmission From Mother-To-Child In the Kumba health district of Cameroon
  14. Assessing Teenagers Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy in selected secondary schools in Douala, Littoral Region of Cameroon
  15. Knowledge of Breast Cancer and Practice of Breast Self-Examination among women in the Tiko municipality, South West Region of Cameroon
  16. Leadership Styles of Nurse Managers and Nurses Job Satisfaction in the Bamenda Regional Hospital
  17. The prevalence and associated factors of alcohol use among pregnant women attending antenatal care at public hospitals in the Fako division
  18. Knowledge regarding prevention and management of typhoid fever among patients and caregivers attending the Baptist Hospital Mutengene
  19. Knowledge Of Female Students Towards Dysmenorrhea And The Practice Of Menstrual Hygiene In The Faculty of Health Science, University of Buea
  20. Knowledge Of The Cause And Prevention Of Anaemia In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Mothers Attending Ante-Natal Clinic At The Buea Regional Hospital
  21. The Perception And Attitude Of Pregnant Woman Towards Cesarean Section
  22. Assessment Of Access And Use Of Protective Methods Among Patients Availing HIV/AIDS Health Care Services In the Laquintinie hospital, Douala
  23. Perception And Satisfaction Of Women Towards The Quality Of Antenatal Care Services In The Yaounde University Teaching Hospital
  24. Analysis Of Job Satisfaction Of Professional Nurses In Public And Private Sectors In The North West region of Cameroon
  25. Assessing Socio-Cultural Factors That Still Preserve Female Genital Mutilation Practice Among Women In Selected Rural Communities Of The Manyu Division Of The South West Region Of Cameroon
  26. A Study Of Drug Abuse Among Students In Selected Secondary Schools In Douala: Implications For Education And Guidance
  27. Utilization Of Mobile Technology For Knowledge Update Among Nurses In Primary And Secondary Healthcare Settings In Meme Division, South West Region Of Cameroon
  28. Patient Perception And Satisfaction With Healthcare Professionals At Primary Care Facilities In The Littoral Region Of Cameroon
  29. Effectiveness Of Exclusive Breastfeeding In The Development Of Under 5 Children In Cameroon
  30. Prevalence Of Hiv/Aids In Cameroon: Strategies For Enhancing Prevention
  31. Challenges Of Exclusive Breast Feeding Among Working-Class Women In Buea, Cameroon
  32. Assessment Of Knowledge And Risk Perception Towards Typhoid Fever In Selected Communities In Buea
  33. Assessing Knowledge, Practice, And Factors Influencing Birth Preparedness And Complication Readiness Among Couples In Bamenda, North West Region Of Cameroon
  34. The Prevalence And Associated Factors Of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women In The A Few Selected Hospitals In Yaounde
  35. Analyzing Why The Strategies Adopted To Address Child Obesity Are Failing
  36. Analyzing The Effectiveness Of Emergency Medical Assistance For Road Traffic Accidents In Cameroon
  37. A Deeper Look At The Measures Used For Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  38. Evaluating Chlamydia Treatment Plans And Their Effectiveness In Cameroon
  39.  Lack Of Awareness On Prevention Of Anaemia In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women In Rural Areas In Buea
  40. The Perception And Attitude Of Pregnant Women Towards Cesarean Section In Limbe
  41. Demographic And Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Utilization Of Maternal Health Services In Cameroon
  42. Factors Influencing The Choice Of Infant Feeding Options Among Hiv Positive Mothers Attending Health Facilities In Kumbo, North West Region Of Cameroon
  43. Knowledge Of The Effect Of Regular Pelvic Floor Exercises On Maternal Health Among Women Of Reproductive Age In Cameroon
  44. Factors Hindering Family Planning Among Women In Rural Communities
  45. Analyzing Attitudes Of Women Towards Utilization Of Modern Contraceptives
  46. Nurses Role In Prevention Of Infant And Under-Five Child Mortality In Cameroon
  47. Attitude Of Student Nurses Toward People With Disabilities In Buea
  48. Perceptions Of Actual And Preferred Hospital Clinical Learning Environment Of Student Nurses In Cameroon
  49. Nursing Students Perceptions Of Clinical Nursing Training In Cameroon
  50. Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Care Of The Elderly Patients Among Health Workers In Kumbo
  51. Conflict Management Skills Of Nurse Tutors In Basic Schools Of Nursing In Cameroon
  52. Risk Factors Of Hypertension Among Nurses In Imo State
  53. Standard Precautions Among Health Care Workers At The Limbe Regional Hospital
  54. Knowledge, Attitude And Practices Of Nursing Mothers Towards Hepatitis B As A Childhood Killer Disease: A Survey Of Nursing Mothers In Ho, Ghana
  55. Factors Influencing Nurses Attitude Towards Nursing Care To Terminal Ill Patients In Cameroon
  56. Factors Influencing The Academic Performance Of Nursing Students In The Faculty Of Health Sciences, University Of Bamenda
  57. Culture Of Nursing School In Cameroon: Students Perceptions
  58. Evaluation Of Preoperative Nursing Intervention On Anxiety State And Post Operative Pain Among Surgical Students In Selected Nursing Schools In The South West Region
  59. Psychosocial Challenges Experienced By Patients At Terminal Stage Of Illness And Their Perception Of Palliative Nursing Care In Tertiary Hospitals In  The Centre Region, Cameroon
  60. Assessment Of Healthcare Waste Management Practices Among Health Workers; Case Of The Buea Regional Hospital
  61. Knowledge Regarding Prevention And Management Of Typhoid Fever Among Patients And Caregivers Attending The Regional Hospital Douala
  62. Sexuality And Contraceptive Use Among Adolescents In Buea, South West Region Of Cameroon
  63. Approaches To Improving Emotional Health Of Nurses In Cameroon
  64. The Role Of Good Leadership Skills In Nursing Profession
  65. Pregnant Women Knowledge On The Consequence And Risks Factors Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus And Self-Care Measures At The Douala General Hospital
  66. Investigating Adults Knowledge (21-45 Years) On Infertility And Knowledge On The Preventive Measures Of Infertility At The Boma Street Community, Tiko
  67. Assessing Women's Knowledge Of Breast Cancer And Practice On Breast Self-Examination In Buea Town Community, South West Region, Cameroon.
  68. Usage Of Diapers And Napkin Among Nursing Mothers In The Tiko Municipality And Their Disposal Practices.
  69. Assessing Mothers Knowledge On The Importance And Practice Of Exclusive Breastfeeding In Muyuka, Cameroon
  70. Nursing Management Of A Patient With Typhoid Fever At The Molyko Integrated Health Centre, Buea
  71. Management Of Patient With Urethritis Using The Complete Nursing Care Plan At The Buea Regional Hospital
  72. Anxiety And Depression And Their Effects On Learning Ability Among Nursing Students: The Case Of The Faculty Of Health Science, University Of Buea
  73. Assessing The Challenges Faced By Nurses And Midwives In Delivering Prevention Of Mother-To-Child
  74. Transmission Of Hiv/Aids At The Bamenda District Hospital
  75. Investigating Factors Influencing The Development Of Common Urinary Tract Infection Among Female Adolescents Between The Ages Of 12 To 21 Years In Cameroon: Case Of Bokwai Community
  76. Investigating Nurses Knowledge On The Management Of Cancer Pain At The Kumba District Hospital
  77. Assessing Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Of Jakiri Inhabitants Towards Hepatitis B Infection
  78. Adolescents Knowledge And Experience Of Sexual Violence In Selected Public Schools In Douala
  79. Obesity In Children And Adolescents: Prevention Strategies In Cameroon
  80. Diabetes In Pregnancy: Risk Factors And Management; Case Of The Buea Regional Hospital
  81. Prevalence Of Malnutrition Among Children Under Five In Cameroon
  82. Applying Psychosocial Theories For Nursing Students In Selected Nursing Institutions In Bamenda, Cameroon
  83. Childbirth Expectations And Experience: Effect On New Mother's Mental Health
  84.  Engaging Fathers In Perinatal Services: Ways And Strategies
  85. The Role Of The Social Workers In The Reunification Of Foster Children With Their Biological Parents
  86. The Role Of Nurses In Management Of Typhoid In Cameroon
  87. Academic Factors Affecting Learning At Selected Nursing Institutions In Cameroon
  88. Effect Of Maternal Literacy On The Nutrition Status Of Child 0-5 Years In Cameroon
  89. Knowledge Of The Cause And Prevention Of Anaemia In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Mothers Attending Ante-Natal Clinic At Pmi Tiko
  90. Factors Influencing Umbilical Cord Care Practices Among Mothers Attending Infant Welfare Clinic In Selected Hospitals In Lebialem Division
  91.  Infant Weaning Knowledge And Practices Among Mothers In Cameroon
  92. The Impact Of Pregnancy And Abortion On Girl Child Education In Cameroon
  93.  The Knowledge And Practice Of Contraception Among Male Adolescent Students In The University Of Buea
  94. Attitude Of Nurses Towards Relapse Prevention Among Psychiatric Patients The Douala Laquintine Hospital
  95. Analyzing The Knowledge Of People About Tuberculosis Cause And Its Effects In Cameroon
  96. Knowledge And Practice Of Food Hygiene Among Food Vendors In Miselele
  97. Exercise As A Boost For The Health Promotion Of The Elderly In Cameroon
  98.  Assessment Of Implementation Of Generic Nursing Curriculum In Selected Cameroonian Universities
  99. The Role Of Mass Media In Enlightening Nursing Mothers On The Benefits Of Exclusive Breast Feeding In Cameroon
  100. Evaluation Of Pragmatic Language Patterns In Autistic Children In Cameroon
  101. The Influence Of Stress On Work Behavior Among Nurses In Selected Hospitals In Buea.

Those are some selected research topics for students preparing for research as a requirement of their institution. One amazing thing about all these topics is that you can easily access materials on them and that's going to go a long way in helping in the

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