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Looking for where to buy lands in Buea? We have a whole list of available plots for sale to show you so that you can then make your choice. The locations to are good and prices very moderate. Our Real Estate agent will do all the hard work to show you the exact locations so you make a choice.

Land is the solid surface of the Earth that is not permanently submerged in water. The vast majority of human activity throughout history has occurred in land areas that support agriculturehabitat, and various natural resources

A land is the most valuable fixed asset you can own in Cameroon and especially, the prestigious City of Legendary Hospitality - Buea. This is primarily because it can be put to use for several purposes such as agriculture, forestry, and mining, building houses and roads, and setting up industries. It provides habitation to a variety of flora and fauna. In addition, it does not depreciate like other assets. Its value increases with time. Hence, it is among the most important natural resources. In fact, the value of land is on a geometric rise as the town of Buea and its surroundings continue getting overpopulated.

Our job here is to link buyers to sellers, as such we do the job of identifying lands for sale, then make available for any buyer to buy. Contact us in case you are in need of plots of all dimension and topography.

In this article, We shall take you through the process of buying and owning this important natural resource in one of the fastest-growing cities of Cameroon.

A Brief Presentation of Buea

Buea is the capital city of the South West region of Cameroon. It is located on the eastern slopes of Mt. Fako.

 Buea shares boundary with other major towns like the City of Limbe to the South West, Tiko municipality to the South East, Muyuka municipality to the East and Idenau district to the West. With an equatorial climate, temperatures are moderate with a slight seasonal variation (rainy and dry season).Buea has moderate economy with business, administrative, tourism, agriculture and the financial sector being the most vibrant sector of the town.

Buy Lands and plots in Buea

Buea has an estimated population of above 300.000 inhabitants (2005 BUCREP figures and annual growth rate of 5% as per UN projections for urban population growth rate for Africa) constituting essentially of the Bakweris (the indigenes) in the villages and a highly cosmopolitan population within the urban space putting the indigenes at a minority. The main languages spoken in Buea are English, Pidgin English, Mokpe (language spoken by the Bakweris) and French.

Buea is one of the fastest growing towns in Cameroon today with a mix cosmopolitan setting, consisting of about 67 villages.

Best Places to Buy Lands Buea

Buea still remains one of the best places to buy lands in Cameroon due to the fast development of the city and good returns it provides for real estate investors. For buying a land in Buea, a prospective can target fast-growing areas such as Molyko, Bonduma, Bokwai, Sandpit, Great Soppo, Muea, Bokwaonga, Bakweri Town, Mile 17, Mile 18 and Likoko-Membea.

If you are not quite sure of where or exactly how to go about it, you can always contact as we will gladly provide you with some of the best lands in Buea as well as how to go about buying and owning them.

Things to consider when buying land in Buea

Verify who the seller is

It is extremely important to find out who is selling the land and if he is the real owner of the land. In order to do this, you should verify if the seller has a land certificate. You may also want to find out if the seller is acting as an administrator and if he is if he has obtained a letter of administration to show that he is indeed the administrator. As such, it is important to demand a written document authorizing the sale.

Verify if the land has a land title

It is important to verify if the land in question has a land title as most lands without land titles may be subject to disputes especially in Buea where such disputes happen every now and then. Perhaps you will need to consult neighbors, Quarters heads and other persons with relevant information before buying such lands and get them registered immediately you take ownership in order to secure your rights over the land.


The location is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a land in Buea. In the world of real estate, location beats everything else and should always be one of the first things to think about before buying a land. You should also think of the location in terms of price. Generally, land will be more expensive in more developed areas like Molyko, Clerks quarters, Federal quarters and Bonduma than less developed areas like Bova and  Bonakanda.

How to buy lands in Buea

They are 9 legal steps you have to follow in order to buy and own a land in Buea and anywhere else in Cameroon.

1. Searches and inspection of the land title

Once you have found the land, the first thing to do would be to visit the land registry in Buea to confirm the real owner of the land. You to go along with a copy of the land title deed and this will take about 5 days to get the results.

2. Price negotiation and preparation offers

Once you have found a land and you are satisfy with what, you have seen, you can tell your advocate to prepare a letter of intent or offer, showing the purchaser’s details, seller’s details, the description of the land in offer, the proposed price you are offering as well as the payment method.

3. Sale agreement and deposit payment to buy lands in Buea

The sales agreement is drafted by the seller’s advocate and presented to the buyer’s advocate for confirmation. It contains the terms and agreements of the transaction.

Once the sale agreement has been drafted and complete, you will be required to pay an agreed deposit through your advocate to the seller’s advocate’s account.

4. Payment of land rates to buy lands in Buea

Payment of rates in Buea and anywhere else in Cameroon has been made compulsory by the Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure. So before you take over the land, you have to ensure that your seller has cleared any rates on the land.

5. Transfer documents and consent to the transfer

The transfer documents have to be prepared by the seller’s advocate and signed by both the buyer and seller. However, before these documents are signed and completed, consent for transfer by the Delegate in charge for State property and land tenure.

6. Valuation

In order to obtain a stamp duty, you have to apply to have the land valued. Once you have applied, a government valuer will be sent to the site to value the land and prepare the requisite valuation report. The aim of the valuation is to determine the true value of the land on the open market as at the day the transfer is being made. When the valued of the land is determined, the payable duty will also be determined by the government valuer. Without the stamp duty, you will be unable to register the land.

7. Payment of stamp duty

Once the amount for stamp duty has been determined, you will be required to pay. The stamp duty is a tax levied on lands.

8. Registration of transfer to buy lands in Buea

This is the point when the land’s legal process has been completed and by legal implication, the land’s legal ownership has changed hands. Make sure you complete the registration transfer process, to fully buy lands in Buea.

9. Exchange of documents

Once you have received the complete land documents from the seller, you are obliged to pay the entire balance to him through his advocate. This, therefore, finalizes the registration and purchase process.

Why Buy lands in Buea

Buea has one of the most favorable climates in Cameroon. Its cold climate makes it an ideal place for settlement.

It is one of the best places where businesses can easily thrive, thanks to its fast growing state, the expansion in population and the presence of several regional and higher academic institutions.

It is not only a calm, secure and hospitable city but also one of the fastest growing cities in Cameroon.

High returns on investments: If you are going into real estate, then Buea is one of the most preferred places to buy a land in. Due to the high growth rate of the city, you can be sure to sell the land in the nearest feature at a much better price or make buildings and put them on rent.

Also, Buea harbors the Molyko students’ residential area, making it a suitable place for the construction of hostels.

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Buy Lands In Buea
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