GCE Speco 2023 Cameroon General Certificate Examinations

There is nothing as interested as having your speco catched. GCE speco 2023 is one never like any other year before. Speco wich is shortform of speculations is trying to know the exact questions or topic from which question will come from in the GCE 2023 examination at the General O Level and A lLevel, and Technical ITC and ATC.

If you can get the right GCE Speco 2023, then you as good as scoring An A grade for the particular subject. Our knowledge and resources about speculations are what we are here to share with you to ensure you get just the right GCE Speco 2023 for this upcoming session of the Cameroon General Certificate Examinations. Good Speco Means Good Results.

GCE Speco 2023

Download All GCE Speco 2023 O/L A/L ITC and ATC in PDF ...

The Cameroon GCE Exams are here once again and one thing is always common with the approach of the exams and that is the aspect of “Speco.” If you are a candidate for the GCE Exams for the 2023 session, you will perhaps be looking for where to get the most reliable specos for the various subjects you are sitting for.

Search no further as we are here to give you just what you need.

What is a GCE Speco 2023

Speco is a word used by students preparing to sit for the GCE exams or any other exams and it is a short form for Speculation or Anticipation. There are thus speculated or anticipated questions that have high chances of appearing on the Exams day.

Advantages of GCE Speco 2023 questions

Help to avoid failure

The main reason a candidate would want go through speco questions is to avoid failing the exams, especially students who have not properly prepared for the exams. Of course, there are very low chances that any student whose speco works will end up failing the GCE.

Help saves time if the GCE speco appears in the Exams

If you walk into the exam hall and find out that the questions you are seeing are the exact questions you had already revised before an exam, of course you will waste no time in answering them as you know exactly how to answer every question.

Good Grades

Beyond passing the exams, most students would want to score even better grades. You could get a C or B grade if you get into the hall and see questions that you were not expecting but are able to answer but perhaps if these are questions that you had already seen and properly revised them before the exams, you could perfect that grade by getting an A.

Possible sources of GCE Speco 2023


Teachers are trusted by students because they are not only experienced but have mastered and understood how the exams work over the years. They would most likely know which particular area may appear in the exams. Thus you should be very careful to properly study and understand all important areas your teachers have been putting emphasis on or told you to highlight or take note of.

During past question revision or GCE mock examination revision, teachers as well elaborate more on particular questions, anticipating that it will appear during the GCE examination. You should take special note of those areas.

GCE Examiners

There are always a few examiners in every class preparing to sit for the GCE exams. These examiners are teachers sent from different schools to the GCE board during the setting and marking of the examination. These teachers are trusted by students because they set the exams and in fact, are able to correctly anticipate what the students will see as questions on the exam day.

Things you shouldn’t do while using a GCE speco

Do not allow speco limit your sphere of study

Do not get so addicted to speco questions and limit yourself only to the questions. Prepare properly with the speco questions so if you see any of them in the hall, you won’t have any problems answering them but at the same time explore other areas as well. Remember there is a high chance but not an absolute guarantee that you will find these questions on the day of the exams.

Do not go into the exams hall with pre prepared materials

When some students get speco questions, they may be tempted to prepare answers for those questions and secretly take them into the hall. However, this is absolutely WRONG and ILLEGAL. You will be severely sanctioned if caught. All you have to do is prepared properly and ensure you keep all the answers to your speco in your head.

Do not be lazy

Some students tend to relax and become lazy just because they have got speco questions. That is bad, speco questions shouldn’t stop you from working hard. What if your speco doesn’t work at the end of the day? Some students may even become so comfortable and lazy to the extent that they don’t even make an effort to understand the answers to the speco questions.  They just cram them and when they get into the hall, perhaps because of tension, they can’t remember anything.

Do not rely completely of speco questions

It would be inadvisable to rely 100% on speco questions. Remember I told you earlier, there is a high chance you will meet speco questions in the exam but not an absolute guarantee. In the event of a possible exam leak, the GCE Board has the right to cancel the entire examination.

How to use GCE Speco 2023 questions

Brief Overview of the GCE Exams

The General Certificate of Education is a UK system of education adopted by Anglo-Saxon system of education in Cameroon. The exams are written by students in both General and Technical education in secondary and high schools.

The GCE Ordinary Level examination (General and Technical) is a 3-year course.  Syllabus start from Form 3 to Form 5 and it is usually written in Form 5 in Secondary schools. The GCE Advanced Level examinations on the other hand are written in Upper 6 in High school.

The exams are not only limited to students attending secondary and high schools; they are also open to external candidates on the same conditions as applied to internal candidates. The board does not give a limit to the number of sittings and the exams can be taken by all irrespective of age, as long as they have met all requirements.

The GCE exams are usually broad-based and set out to measure the candidate's knowledge of the world around him, his capacity to think, apply, synthesize and evaluate knowledge and situations in relation to the subjects he has been studying in school over the years at the ordinary or Advanced Levels.

The following certificate exams are organized by the GCE Board:

The General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE “O” Level)

Consists of: Paper 1 – 50 MCQ questions (40%)

                    Paper 2 – Essay questions (60%)

GCE Speco 2023 can be of help to score good grades.

The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE “A” Level)

Consists of: Paper 1 – 50 MCQ questions (40%)

                    Paper 2 – Essay questions (30%)

                    Paper 3 – Problem Solving/Practicals (30%)

GCE Speco 2023 can be of help to score good grades.

The Technical and Vocational Education Examination Intermediate Level (GCE ITC)

For two paper subjects: Paper 1 – MCQ questions (40%)

                                       Paper 2 – Essay questions (60%)

For three paper subjects: Paper 1 – MCQ questions (25%)

                                        Paper 2 – Essay questions (35%)

                                           Paper 3 – Practical (40%)

GCE Speco 2023 can be of help to score good grades.

The Technical and Vocational Education Examination Advanced (GCE ATC)

For two paper subjects: Paper 1 – MCQ questions (40%)

                                       Paper 2 – Essay questions (60%)

For three paper subjects: Paper 1 – MCQ questions (25%)

                                         Paper 2 – Essay questions (35%)

                                          Paper 3 – Practical (40%)

GCE Speco 2023 can be of help to score good grades.

Conclusively, would I advise you to go through GCE speco questions? Yes! But would I advise you to depend solely on them? No! Speco questions should serve as a tool to help you prepare for the exams. Do not rely on them totally.

Disclaimer: Our article about GCE Speco 2023 for the Cameroon GCE in O/L, A/L, ITC, and ATC is in no way implying that we are selling questions from the GCE board to candidates or trying to deceive candidates of having questions from the GCE board. We distance ourselves from any such act. As our only intention is to make students under what GCE Speco 2023 is all about. To us, GCE Speco means using past questions and class notes to anticipate which section can likely come. And not as having questions from the board as that is cheating and a criminal act.

gce speco 2023
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