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How to create a drop down menu in WordPress with no coding in 5 steps

A drop-down menu helps to make your website more organised and to look more professional. It permit you display many sub-menus under one main menu as a drop down list hence de-congesting your navigation area.

A lot of new web-developers have always shy away from drop down menu mostly because of the inability to code properly. Hence the have no option than just to use the themes the way they have been installed by default.

I shall teach you how you can create a drop-down menu of any capacity directly on WordPress without any knowledge of coding.

Before performing this task you are required to know how to create a WordPress menu as a preliminary knowledge.

The first thing to do is creating pages or posts with assigned categories. After that lets follow the below procedure to create our drop down menu.

  1. Place your mouse pointer on Appearance and click on Menus.
  2.  Click on Custom Links and on the space for URL enter # and the enter the name of the Main Menu.
  3. Click on Add to Menu. The main menu to carry the drop-down list has been created and can be seen on the menu list.
  4. Add any number of pages or categories to be used for the drop down menu to the menu list.
  5. Drag and drop each page or category under the main menu in a the sub-position. (the sub-menu should be shifted rightward as compared to the main menu). See the photo below to guide you in this lesson
  6. Click on Save Menu to save you drop down menu.

How to create a drop down menu in WordPress with no coding in 5 steps

From the photo above, FREE DOWNLOADS is a Main Menu and, ANDROID APPS and VIDEOS are sub-menus forming a drop down.

Congratulations, you now have created a drop down menu without coding on WordPress. Enjoy the Fun. But do not forget to leave us a comment to help better our service or to appreciate us.