How to download Ebulletin Minfi payslip in Cameroon for free Procedure

This is how to download Ebulletin Minfi payslip in Cameroon for free step by step procedure.

Gone are those days when state employees will pay money to an individual just to obtain his/her own ebulletin minfi payslip in Cameroon. Sincerely it was quite an unfortunate situation. Here is how to download ebulletin minfi payslip in Cameroon for free and in just a few clicks. A payslip is a small document, included with an employee's wage or salary, giving details of money earned and tax and insurance paid.



First time users should click on CREATE ACCOUNT to establish a payslip account with MINFI

Already have an account, then just click on SIGN IN to enter the required info to download the payslip

In case you have forgotten your password, click on RECOVER PASSWORD to reset your password

If programmed for arrears, click on ARREARS DATE and enter the serial number to see month and year of payment


Are you a government state employer in Cameroon? Do you need a payslip for a particular compilation of documents. Or you just want to keep record of your payslips to use them in time of necessity? Worry not for you are at the right place. We have put together FOUR (4) simple steps to go through on how to download payslip in Cameroon for free.


Step 1: Procedure In Creating An Account To Download Ebulletin Minfi Payslip

This step requires you to open the Government payslip portal in order to access the official website. It also requires you to input your personal information to be registered.

How to register to download MINFI Ebulletin payslip online in Cameroon

To get your MINFI payslip in Cameroon, you will first of all be required to create a free account and register on the official portal. Here is how to create a free account to have access to the government online payslip portal:

Once you are done with these steps, you will receive an email containing your account and security details to your email and phone number bound to your account.

Congratulations, you have sucessfully created an account to Download Minfi Ebulletin Payslip Online In Cameroon.

Click on “Forgotten password” to retrieve your password in case you’ve forgotten.

Step 2: Procedure To Download Ebulletin Minfi Payslip Online

How to download your monthly MINFI Ebulletin payslip Online In Cameroon

This same procedure can be use to download a tax payers identification card for all civil servance. All you need is to select certificate of immatriculation.

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded your first ebulletin pay slip online in Cameroon.

Perhaps, you may want to download your payslip and unfortunately can’t remember your account password. All you have to do is reset the password and get a new one.

Step 3: Procedure To Recover Or Reset A Forgotten Or Lost Password Account

How to retrieve your forgotten Minfi Ebulletin Payslip account password

How We Can Assist In The Process

Any difficulties to Download minfi ebulletin payslip online in Cameroon, please just contact us for any assistance. We can assist you with any of the following;

This a very good initiative by the Cameroon government, which will now enable civil servants to freely download their payslips from the internet. This will save state workers from the stress of going to ministry or delegation for basic documents, Or even at times pay individual who have their own means of getting the payslip and selling to the concerns.

It will really be a nice initiative if such acts can be extended to other documents including the Cameroon GCE Results, so much so that students can have a fixed site from which they can view their results at all time from the date of publishing of the results; why not even their result slips.

We can make it together and make the country a better place, it is just about looking at some very basic lapses and cover them effectively. Sincerely it is not difficult to live a stress free life, but it is just out of negligence that we cause ourselves to stress up for nothing, we have the resources and we have the intelligence. Let us continue in this light to make things easier for all of us. Thanks to the effort of the Minister.

This is what Cameroon civil servants use to undergo just because there was no means on how to download ebulletin minfi payslip in Cameroon for free.

Elung Paul Che, deputy Minister of Finance (Minfi), made a media appearance on 25 October 2016. And for a good reason, users are receiving SMS messages indicating that the issuance of payslips by his department costs FCfa 1,000.

According to the government member, this is the work of unidentified and authorized individuals who have been sending, since 7 September 2016, electronic messages through the email account “”, to offer to issue payslips as well as deduction statements to civil servants. Users are thus impelled to pay FCFA 1,000 per required document via MTN mobile money or Orange Money transfer to the telephone number 6 91 48 45 93, after communicating the identification information of the applicant (registration number, telephone number, month and year of the requested payslip and email address), through text message.

While firmly condemning this practice akin to cyber criminality, Minfi informs all its users that it has, to date, granted no approval or authorization to no-one to provide this type of service.

Elung Paul Che moreover reminds civil servants both in service and retired, that the issuance of ebulletin minfi payslips is a right and should not be subjected to payment. Therefore, he cautions public servants against the potential risks. In particular, the possibility of falling victim to a con or getting non-certified documents.

The Difference between Ebulletin Minfi Payslip and Paycheck

paycheck, also spelled pay check or pay cheque, is traditionally a paper document (a cheque) issued by an employer to pay an employee for services rendered. In recent times, the physical paycheck has been increasingly replaced by electronic direct deposits to the employee's designated bank account or loaded onto a payroll card. Employees may still receive a pay slip to detail the calculations of the final payment amount.

payslippay stubpaystubpay advice, or sometimes paycheck stub, is a document an employee receives either as a notice that the direct deposit transaction has gone through, or is attached to the paycheck. Each country has laws as to what must be included on a pay slip, but which would typically include details of the gross wages for the pay period and the taxesand any other deductions the employer is required to make by law; as well as other personal deductions such as retirement plan or pension contributions, insurancesgarnishments, or charitable contributions taken out of the gross amount to arrive at the final net amount of the pay, also including the year to date totals in some circumstances.


This website or content is not in anyway an affiliate or affiliated to the miistry of finance nor ebulletin. Our intention is just to help people with less digital knowledge easily create payslips account to enable them solve the payslip download problem. When you contact us, you are contacting the administrotor of this website and not a personality working inside the ministry of finance. Our website operates as online digital establishment hence render and ease services to several people who may need them in and out of Cameroon. We have clearly giving the procedure that will help anyone download minfi payslip online in Cameroon monthly for free. Anyone who still contact us, does have the problem of lacking the knowledge that payslip is free but rather lacks the digital capability.


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