5 Ways I Make Money Online In Cameroon

How I Made 638 000 FCFA a month blogging in Cameroon With Google Adsense. Make Money Online.

To Make Money Online in Cameroon simply refers to the different digital or online methods that someone can use to earn income or earn a living. It involves making money with the use of your computer and internet facilities while resident in Cameroon. This could include blogging, web design, SEO services, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, and others

Let me introduce myself and thereafter I shall tell you how a make money online in Cameroon. Take note my story might not look like the many other theoretical conventional articles you see online based on fiction theories and principles that the person writing himself never succeeding in achieving anything from it.

I am Great Mike and this is my story to making money Online In Cameroon.

Make Money Online In Cameroon

How I make 638 000 fcfa blogging in cameroon

My real names are Michael Ngwena Mbah; A mechanical engineering teacher, Blogger, SEO expert, Google Ads Expert, and Web Designer.

I have always been a focused person from primary education even though too reserved in ways that might not have been the best at all time. I did sciences in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and F. Maths, before pursuing a university education in mechanical fabrication.

During my last year in the professional university, I asked myself several unanswered questions which includes “What becomes of me if I never pick up a company job after graduation with a degree in mechanical manufacturing?” As a result of that I had to start engaging myself in all sorts of self-empowerment activities which included, writing books (Africa Must Develop, Change Your Mindset and Become A Computer Literate), typing and printing, music transfers, computer hard and software maintenance amongst others.

Like a thought came true I never did pick up a job after university graduation and the only option I had left was to open documentation and teach as a part-time teacher for 40 000 FCFA ($ 75).

I later picked up a 65 000 FCFA job with PAMOL Lobe Estate as a permanent teacher which I later resigned in favor Higher Technical Teachers Training College Program after passing the HTTTC Bambili entrance examination into the 3rd year of the first cycle to study and teach Mechanical Design.

Nine months after I graduated as a state teacher, teaching Mechanical Construction Drawing and Technology, and Applied Mechanics for Mechanical and Electrical options at the government technical secondary school level with a paycheck of about 200 000 FCA a month which is not the worse for an average Cameroonian. However, I never stopped looking forward.

I have always wanted a world of my own where I can express and share my own ideas without fear of favor and limitations. In the quest for such an opportunity, I happen to meet my very good old friend from GBHS Tiko, Kum Eric Tso the brain behind Money Masters Tutorials.

After engaging in frank discussions with him I realized he knew something I never had the opportunity to know before then and we discussed the pricing to gain at least an introductory knowledge that could help me proceed in the online world and get just what I rightfully deserved. We spoke a lot about making money online in Cameroon. This discussion took place in February 2018 whilst Kum Eric Tso had already been in the business of making money online in Cameroon since 2015.

The fixed price for the training as a friend was 250 000FCFA and I had to travel from Buea to Douala every week for six (6) weeks to finish a course in Web Design and Blogging. At the end of the day, I took just three weeks and I had to stop and continue on my own while believing that I could still continue to get help from Him each time I get something wrong, which I did. Please note you must not try to follow my learning methods because I was already an advanced computer user after having writing a book on how to become computer literate with knowledge in C++ before going into the program. So I could easily adapt.

After the end of my training I spent another six (6) months learning endlessly without earning a dime which almost caused my then fiancé (now my wife to almost leaving me, but the truth is I was bent to succeed in what I have passion for no matter what), this particular scenario between I and my then girl-friend is what I don’t want to see happen to any other person out there. Because I have already gone through all these and because I am still here simply means you are covered since I already did all the hard work.

After six months of blogging, I made my first money online in Cameroon which was just 26 euros which is equivalent to about 17 000 FCFA, the following month the money dropped to 24 euros but I never gave up. And behold the 3rd month I managed to earn 59 euros online in Cameroon. That is how I started progressing and the success has been continuous.

Today I can boast of having earned a maximum of 962 euros (over 630 000FCFA) in a single month online in Cameroon and also having earned up to 212 euros on a single day which is my best daily earning ever for all my online businesses. These maximum earnings for blogging alone were achieved in December 2019.

Today I don’t make money online in Cameroon only from blogging but also do so from web designing services, SEO services, and advertising services. The truth is I don’t even have time to be blogging again as there are always random jobs to do always earning me an average of 30 000 FCFA A day. Today I design websites for different people in and out of Cameroon including the U.S and Canada such as dladybeauty.com. I can now boast of making my government salary within a week. Currently training and hiring content creators to work on my Google Adsense Blogging Website alongside my wife.

How I make money online in Cameroon.

  1. Blogging In Cameroon: Blogging is the first method that I ever used to earn a dime online in Cameroon. It involves writing attractive content and monetizing with Google Adsense of other content advertiser companies, I started with Google Adsense and I have never succeeded with another such company. Blogging could also involve guest posting and selling of services.
  2. Advertising for Others In Cameroon: Another method I use to make money online in Cameroon is by running advertisements for companies and businesses or talented individuals. I do these adverts either by writing articles for them concerning their products and share on my blogs and Facebook pages OR by running Goggle Ads for them since I have taught myself to become a Goggle Ads Expert. Google Ads is charged at 15% of the advertising budget. 
  3. SEO services: SEO stands for search engine optimization and it involves optimizing an entire website and it pages for better ranking by search engines and to make it appear on search results frontpage such as Google search front page. This enables people searching for information or products online to easily find your website hence contact you either to buy or other business opportunities. SEO experts are rare to find so if you happen to become one, I bet you, you are going to make money online in Cameroon like no man’s business. SEO services include On-Page and Off-Page SEO; pricing begins from 60 000FCFA up to 1000 000 FCFA depending on the type and capacity of the website. It should be noted that I personally thought myself to become an SEO expert, I have already done it so you too can do it.
  4. Web Design Services in Cameroon: I make money online in Cameroon through Web Design by simply advertise my web design services and getting people to contact me to design websites for them either for their businesses, schools, companies, churches, personal use, etc. Such websites include blogs, eCommerce, and company/organizational websites. Designing a Website can range from 70 000 FCFA right up to 350 000 FCFA depending on what it involves. The websites include professional email addresses, mail forwarders, SSL certificates, and Premium DNS. The websites are of high speeds, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and very responsive. I get your website delivered within 48 hours for blogs and general eCommerce while the duration might be higher for other website specifications.
  5. Training Programs: My intention is to see others be like myself it for this reason that I organize training programs to help other young Cameroonians Make Money Online In Cameroon. The training programs I offer involves; SEO training, Web Design Training, Google Ads Training, and Blogging Training. These training are also among the ways in which I use to make money online in Cameroon. The trainings are of different prices with respect to what is involved. Basic training starts from 100 000 FCFA while others can reach up to 500 000FCFA.
  6. Content writing or content creation: As time passes me by online I also succeeded to develop my skills in writing SEO-friendly content for those who need it and can’t do it themselves. Today I make money online in Cameroon by writing content for others and get paid for it. It is a very interesting thing to do if you are devoted. I charge content from 2500 FCFA minimum to a maximum amount depending on what is involved.

Take a decision today and get rich

Now that you already know my story and how I make money online in Cameroon, It is left for you to make the decision as to whether to make money online in Cameroon or continue pesting the government to give a job when you got the ability to earn more than a government job.

It is all about starting as there is no better time to start than now. Forget about the conventional theories and concentrate on what works best for you with respect to your environment.

The reason for sharing my story and how I am making money online in Cameroon is just encourage other young Cameroonians to know that they can make it. There is nothing impossible there and I can always help guide you through all the steps whenever you are interested. We can get in touch on WhatsApp through +237650419401 or email at info@greatmike.com

Thanks For Reading And Wishing You The Best In Your Journey To Make Money Online In Cameroon.

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