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Best Web Design Agency In Cameroon

We are the best web design agency in Cameroon when compared to other web designers and web design companies around the country. Our company name is GREATMIKE and we are a team of 7 individuals. Highly specialized in the designing of any type of website in the shortest possible time. We are also a team of seo expert hence we design only websites that are highly SEO friendly. We are located in Buea and you can always contact us for higher using the WhatsApp button. We can delivered emergency websites even under 24 hours. We offer the best web design services in Cameroon at the cheapest price. For those who want to learn, our web design and SEO training is open for everybody.

web design agency in cameroon

Quality of websites design by our web design agency in Cameroon

  • Unique: Every website represents a unique business or establishment hence should have a unique design.
  • Clear purpose: The website will clearly define the reason for it existence right from the homepage.
  • Good Functionality: We establish accurately different functionalities based on specific needs.
  • Easy navigation: We design websites that clearly direct visitors to get get whatever information they need.
  • Simple and attractive designs: No need for complex designs this days. We keep it simple but very presentable.
  • Mobile Usability / Friendliness / Responsiveness : We design websites that opens seamlessly on all devices. our website readily adjust its layout to suit different viewing devices.
  • Fast load speed.: We design websites with very fast loading speed as fast as even 1 seconds depending on the type of website invole and maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Secured: We host our websites on a dedicated server, with domain ssl and other security software to easily mitigate any hacking attack.
  • Quality Content: We take charge of retructuring the information you give us into the most pleasant content that visitors can easily digest.
  • Optimized For Search Engines such as Google, Bing, etc : We design website with the mindset of ranking on search engines, hence all websites we design are highly SEO friendly.

Defination of a website.

A website is simply an online representation of a physical business, school, church, organization, company, person, ideas, etc. Just like people may have shops, houses, books offline, so to is it possible to have such properties online. a website is a combination of a domain name, hosting, sll, email services. Which ensure the presentation of information and effective secured communication between users and website owners. If you ever thing of owning a website, then feel free to contact us as one of the best web design agency in Cameroon and we shall get you site delivered in no time.

Wikipedia defines a website as; A website (also written as web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

Types of websites we design

Basically we design different types of website, not for fun but for purpose. When a client contact us, we do well to do a consultancy service with the customer to ensure he/she understands clearly what they need per demand. The different types of website and uses below with help you clearly understand your need before contacting us. 

Below the the least of the top types of websites designing requested by Cameroonians.

  • eCommerce Website: An eCommerce website is a website use for direct buying and selling of products online. Any website that includes a shopping cart and a way for you to provide credit card information or other forms of payment to buy online is categories as an ecommerce website. If you’re wondering how to get a website for your business in Cameroon and plan to sell your products through the site, then this is the type of website you need to build. A multi-vendor website is an eccommerce with many sellers. e.g
  • Business Website or Cooperate Website: A business website is any website that’s devoted to representing a specific business. It is branded like the business (the same logo and positioning) and explains clearly the type of product and services the business offers. E-commerce websites are business websites, but it’s also possible to have business websites that don’t sell anything directly, but rather encourage visitors to get in contact for more information (a lead generation website) or come to a storefront if they’re interested in becoming customers. e.g
  • Entertainment Website: This types of website focuses on entertainment such as football, comedy and other activities. The aim at making money through adverts and not through any direct sales of products or services. e.g
  • Portfolio Website: A portfolio website aims at showcasing personal professional and technical abilities and skills with the aim of having clients. It might includes things like qualification and past works executed. This type of website is most common for creative professionals and freelancers
  • Media Website: A media website is much similar to entertainment website, but mainly forcuses on reporting real events such as news and does not just exist for entertainment purpose. Media websites are mostly online representation of media properties such as TV channels, magazines and newspapers.
  • Brochure Website: Brochure websites serves as an online representation for business that does not neccessarily get clients but from the internet. It could serve just as a reference place with few pages and contact/location information. Brochure websites are seemingly outdated with the growing impact of the internet on the success of businesses.
  • Nonprofit Website: This is simply a website to represent a nonprofit organization such as orphanages and charity homes. Such website is intend to ease donations and easily provide information to those who may want to support (donors). Hence payment methods are also avaible on such websites to enable direct donations. e.g
  • Educational Website: Educational websites has a primary goal to provide readers with materials or more information about the educational institution. It is mostly requested by educational institutions and those offering online courses.
  • Infopreneur Website: Infopreneurs website aim is to create and sell information products. That could be in the form of courses, tutorials, videos or ebooks. It involve building knowledge brand to give clients sufficient reason to trust the knowledge and pay for it.
  • Personal Website: A personal website is created with the intention of sharing personal ideas across the world with no intention of financial benefits. However things might change along the line.
  • Web Portal: Web portals are often websites designed for internal purposes at a business, organization, or institution. They collect information in different formats from different sources into one place to make all relevant information accessible to the people who need to see it. They often involve a login and personalized views for different users that ensure the information that’s accessible is most useful to their particular needs.
  • Community Forum Website Aslo Called Wiki: A forum is any website where different users are able to collaborate on content and all make their own changes as need be. There are wikis for fan communities, for business resources, and for collecting valuable information sources.

At this point we believe you now clearly understand what type website is suitable for your business. Already made a decision? Contact our best web design agency in cameroon to help achieve the best website to suit your purpose.

Importance of website

Many businesses and other establishments that has been exist offline for usually ask this question. Do I really need a website to do business in Cameroon? The simple answer is yes and this are the reasons below;

  • Credibility: Without a wbsite, many prospective clients may question the credibility of your business or organiziation. A website with a pleasant design clear communication about your establishment gives a very good first impression and build confidence in clients.
  • Brand: Website improves the brand awareness of your establishmnet and can excellently help in selling your brand. It can clearly tell you clients who you are, what you represent and your objectives clearly gives a better chance of your clients buying from you. Branding with a website can go a long way in distinguishing you from your competitors.
  • Leads: A website can go a long way to generate more leads by providing contacting information to those who may be interested in your product or services. This action alone can go a long way in improving your sales.
  • Organic Traffic : One means of selling good and services online is by optimizing your website for search engine (SEO). If well done, clients searching for products or services will find you on search eangine results page such as google front page. This will increase visitors to your website and improves on your customer based or business success.
  • Saving You Time + Customer Service: A website helps provide customers with userful information without having to call, hence saves time both for you and the client. Such information may include; location, email, product/service specifications amongs others. This alone improves user-friendliness. Saving time may help staff improve on internal productivity.
  • Updates And Announcements: Since the website is online 24/7, it gives you the chance to easily update customers on latest development. Customers can easily get update at their comfort and from any location around the world. It offers you the possibility upsell at anytime.
  • Digital Marketing: A website is a better place of evaluating or processing results from your ads. It gives you the option knowing who knows what specifically. So if you ever has an intention in inesting in ads, then a website with structured landing pages will help you better manage your traffic.

Still don’t have a website in Cameroon? We strongly recomment you contact us to get one at a very affordable price.

Pricing of website by our best web design agency in Cameroon

To some a website is a website, but real sense that is not always true because not all websites are the same.

However, there are some elements that are common to all websites which includes;

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • SSL
  • Email Service
  • Premium DNS
  • etc.

Unfortunately, even the prices for these standard elements varies greatly depending the domain registrar/hosting company involve. A website can be as cheap as 60, 000frs CFA and as expensive as millions of frs CFA depending on types and specifications.

Delivery Period By Our Best Web Design Agency In Cameroon

After contacting us and confirming the type of websign you want our best web design agency in Cameroon to design for you, the delivery period might be affected by a lot of factors.

Our standard delivery period for websites mentioned above excluding portal is between 72 to 96 hours. Express delivery can be done as fast as under 24 hours. Delivery period for websites like portal, and social media may vary greatly depending on actual specifications.