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How to Get a premium website in Cameroon

get a premium website in cameroon

It is by no doubt today that the online world is fast taken over from the offline world and in some few years to come offline marketers and advertiser will have no place of their own in the world. To get a premium website in Cameroon is a perfect advantage to get your voice heard and achieve your dreams

Now imagine that am in Cameroon working in just one small community, probably with no much money to tour . How do I get my ideas across the world? Starting from my immediate community might be a encouraging, but how long shall it take to make a considerable impact in the world? Probably even 20 or 30 years which is a life time career period and might not be sufficient.

Imagine you having a great idea or business for which you are so desperate or interested to get your ideas pass across the world so as to make an impact in world development. And yet you know you have not attain the influential potentials to do so. Website publishing is the best means by which your dream can easily come true in the shortest time possible.

get a premium website in cameroon

The coming of the social media has in some sense solve some of these problems of spreading information. But however the social media has its shortcoming. Reasons being that information published on social media are passive. Passive in the sense that as time passes by the information gets extinct. This means that after a long period of time people are not longer going to be able to easily access your ideas.

Online authority has advantages which could be obtained from benefiting from other websites or creating your own website. A website is the only property you can own that will give you the ultimate authority or influence in the world which you can never imagine. To get a premium website in Cameroon is to get the online authority you need to excel. The funny thing about it is that all this benefit can be obtained at the comfort of your home.

Building a website is a perfect opportunity to get your ideas spread across the world permanently within a short period of time like wildfire. A website helps expose your personal ideas and business to the world. Making a reasonable influence in the world can only be done through website publishing.

Why You Must Get A Premium Website In Cameroon

Website Publishing Promotes Your Ideas.

Beautiful ideas are not meant to die with you. Also sharing the ideas verbally or in a documents might lead to extinction of the idea, as people may forget and documents may get missing. Publishing on your own website is the best way to keep your information shared widely and permanently as the information will remain there even after your death. It is also going to enable people with similar ideas get in contact with you hence may help you develop the idea further. Website publishing helps you make the biggest impact in your own world.

Enable Others To Learn Through You.

Teaching Others in a particular field can best be done over the website. Website publishing enables one to perform teaching. This teaching can be done online. Also its permit people to come and learn at their convenience. The people who learn there must not know you in person, they go to your site and get what they need provided its available.

Website Publishing Advertises Your Business.

Advertising on your website is the best way anyone or organisation can get products reach their customers in the shortest possible time. Billions of people all over the world are searching for vital information and products every second over the internet. information are being presented to them based on their requests. Having your products and services on your website will permit people from all parts of the world get to your business in the shortest possible time.

Website Publishing Is A Form Of Passive Income.

Good and helpful contents are worth appreciated, and even compensated with some passive income to keep the website going. Google and some other establishments have advertisement program for which they use space on your website articles to advertise companies’ products. This companies pays google and google in turn pays publishers for using their website spaces. From such program, every publisher can make some money online provided you have the right content for the right people.

What you can do after you get a premium website in Cameroon

Like I said a website is like a property or tool which can be use to solve many problems;

  • Companies or businesses use the website to advertise their products or services, engaging with interested persons, turn them into potential customers and perform sales.
  • For individuals young people with talents in particular fields, a website is what you need to get yourself known to the entire world and make money from your talent.
  • Website is use by ordinary people through blogging to make money. Blogging is choosing a niche and publish articles to get readers engaged. From there you can earn money either by advertising for google, advertising for companies or selling for companies.

Feature Experienced when you get a premium website in Cameroon

1) Site hosting

2) Email marketing

-Create subscription forms, mailing accounts and mail forwarders

3) Domain Name Registration and management/setup

4) Mobile compatibility

– Site displays flawlessly on all devices (tablet, phones, desktop, etc)

5) Accessible to All Users worldwide (irrespective of device, browser, location, etc)

6) Well planned information architecture

7) Fast load times (loads in 6 seconds or less)

8) Browser consistency (content flawlessly displays on all browsers including Google

Chrome, Opera mini, UC browser, etc)

9) Secured website

-SSL certificate installed (https site)

-Shielded from all attacks

-Standby backups for easy restoration in case of issues.

10) Effective Navigation -Good search feature

-Multiple ways to explore content

-Informative header and footer

11) Routine Maintenance

12) Search engine optimization (Optimize site and content for Google, Bing, etc)

13) Social Media Integration

Get A Premium Website In Cameroon Of The Following Types

1. Brochure

A brochure website is the simplest type of website in terms of functionality. Brochure websites typically only have a few pages, and will be used by small businesses that need a simple online presence. For example, a small plumbing company would only need a brochure website with a homepage displaying contact information, an ‘about us’ page and perhaps a couple of photos of their work. Their website is like an online business card for potential customers.

2. eCommerce

An ecommerce website is a website through which users are able to pay for a product or service online. This will normally involve one company selling to multiple users, but can also take the form of a multi-vendor ecommerce website, commonly known as ‘marketplace’websites. Marketplace websites allow multiple vendors to sell to customers through the same site. Well known examples include eBay and Etsy.

3. Portal

A portal website brings together information from lots of different sources on the web. Early examples include Aol and Yahoo, who offer emails, forums, search engines and news all through their homepage. Portals can also be for internal use in a school, university or company, allowing students or employees to access their emails, alerts and files all in one place.

4. Wiki

A wiki website is one which allows people to collaborate online and write content together. The most popular example is Wikipedia itself, which allows anyone to amend, add and assess the content of their articles.

5. Social media

Social media websites are platforms which allow the sharing of images or ideas. They encourage online interaction and sharing. The most popular social media website is Facebook, with a staggering 2.07 billion active users. Other social media sites include YouTubeTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

How to create a website for free in 8 simple steps.

I guess many people have been wondering how they can make their ideas count in the world, or how the can advertise all by themselves, even how they can manage to sell products online. For most person, the name website blog frightens them because they feel its something very cumbersome that a mare person can not do. All this is a cup of tea provided you know how to create a website.

But I promise you at the end of this article you will understand that creating your own website blog is as simple as making your own breakfast every morning.

I usually encourage every 21st century person to at least learn how to create a website blog for his/her self because it enables you adapt in many ways;

-It helps you share your own ideas.

-It permits reports news of happenings to the entire world.

-It Helps you market your talents

It helps you advertise your business

And it can also help you make some money online.

In our next lesson we are going to look at paid website, but since many people are so afraid of the unknown I shall start with how to create a website for free so that even a man without a penny can own a website blog, all you need is data. But I bet you after learning about paid website you will never return again to the free one.

Now let us begin

To create a blog three simple things are involved; The Domain, Platform and Hosting Platform.

The Domain refers to your identity or the name which you want to give to your website.

The Platform is simply a software that permits you do the necessary design on the website and also permit you input materials on the website.

The hosting platform is simply a server which makes it possible for your website to be seen on the internet.

The exist several free hosting sites. But we shall move directly to a very common and most used one which is Blogger is a free hosting site own by google which permits users to have their own personal blog all for free, I mean without spending a coin.

Want to get a premium website in Cameroon?


to contact us.

8 Steps to create a website blog for free using blogger

Blogger offers an entirely free website called blogspot from which you can start from, but note that nothing is completely free of anything that is completely free can not be completely good. Just saying here that there a lots of limitation you will face here. But however if you can affort even the minimum of about 40000FCFA to get a premium website in Cameroon the you can start with Blogger. These eight steps I have mentioned below will guide in creating you first blogspot website.

1.Create an email using google, click create a address  to create a gmail in case to don’t have one. If you already have one Sign In to your gmail and then skip to step 2.

2. On your browser url space, type and press enter or click here.

3. Click on CREATE A BLOG.

create a website

4.Select the gmail address which you want to use to create the blog and SIGN IN.

5.Click on create a google+ profile and then click on create a profile. Click on Save. Click on Continue to Blogger.


7.Enter your blog title and the domain name. Note that the domain name can not be duplicate, hence you can’t take a domain name that has already been taken by another person. In case you choose an already taken domain name you shall be notified.

8. Once you domain name is accepted, select any theme of you choice and click on CREATE BLOG. You do not have to spend time looking at themes because it can be changed or edited later.

And now your blog has been created successfully. You now have your own authority on the internet.

You can now click on New Post to publish your first post to the entire world within minutes. After typing in your text with pictures and videos if need be, just click on publish and boom you have published on the internet to everybody in the world.

Sure I kept my promise to make how to create a website as simple as breakfast.

Please If you fine this information useful kindly share to other and done forget to appreciate us in the comment section. In case of any shortcoming, do well to leave a comment to enable us serve you better. We are here just for you.

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