10 Simple Steps To Create A Website In Cameroon

I am Great Mike and today I am going to teach you 10 simple steps to create a website in Cameroon.

Before we move on to learn the 10 simple steps to create a website in Cameroon let us define a website: A website is an online property. Just like people own shops, companies, schools, and hospitals offline, so too it's possible to own such properties online under the ownership of a website.

Types of websites may includes:

Search Engine Website: A search engine is simply a website whose function is to show search results from other websites based on ranking criteria which includes quality of the content (keyword and readability optimization). Such websites include; Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

Social Media Website:

A social media is a website that is basically created for social interactions which may include the sharing of photos, infographics, audio, and video. The main intention is to get people to socialize themselves in an attempt to better their lives. Such websites include; Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

eCommerce Website:

ECommerce is a website whose basic function is for buying and selling. The phrase eCommerce website describes a buying and selling website where there exist only one seller and many buyers. A buying and selling website where there exist many sellers and buyers is a marketplace or multi-eCommerce. Examples of eCommerce websites include; Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. These steps to create a website in Cameroon can guide you create an eCommerce site within hours

Portal website:

A portal is basically defined as a website meant to display general information and activities about an organization such as a company, school, hospital, church, etc. The intention of a portal is usually to get the readers to learn more about the supposed organization. Portal includes; school, company, and church websites. These steps to create a website in Cameroon can guide you create a portal.

Blog Website:

A blog is practically not a particular website. A blog is simply described under the aspect of someone called a publisher constantly publishing content on a website based on a particular niche in a process described as blogging. As such the content of the site or category is constantly updated. A blog can be used to differentiate between a static and dynamic website; Where static means the content is hardly updated, and dynamic means the content is regularly updated. These steps to create a website in Cameroon can guide you create a blog within hours.

Follow These 10 Simple Steps To Create A Website In Cameroon

These 10 simple steps in creating a website in Cameroon includes;

Let us now study the 10 simple steps to create a website in Cameroon in details.

1.) Chose a domain name:

A domain name is a unique identification to an online property (website). Domain names are chosen based on niches or organization names. There exist different domain name extensions such as .com (for commercial), .net (for network), .org (for organization), .ai (for artificial intelligence), etc.

2. Registering the domain name:

After choosing a suitable domain name the next thing to do is to register the domain name in a suitable domain name registrar such as Goddady, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. The price of registration will vary depending on many factors including extension type.

3. Choose a hosting provider and buy a hosting plan:

A hosting provider provides the necessary elements needed to host your websites such as storage and processor. Select a suitable hosting provider and buy a hosting plan. Hosting plan prices will vary from company to company and will also depend on the quality of services you are going in for. Hosting providers includes; Hostgator, Goddady, Bluehost, Cloudflare, etc.

4. Connecting domain name with hosting:

The next stept to follow after getting a hosting is to link the domain name to the hosting in the cpanel. This simply includes adding the domain name to the control panel of the hosting, so that you can be provided with other elements you can use to build your website.

10 Simple Steps To Create A Website In Cameroon

connecting domain with hosting

5. Buying and installing an SSL certificate:

Endeavor to make a purchase of an SSL certificate for your domain and install it to protect your site's users' information from phishing by hackers. Websites starting with HTTPS are secured while those starting with HTTP are not secured. Having an HTTPS website builds confidence amongst your users knowing willfully that their personal information is not cannot be exposed to the risk of being hacked. The SSL certificate might take up to 25 minutes to complete installation and propagation. Steps to create a website include buying and installing an SSL certificate.

6. Install Wordpress Editor:

Our next step to create a website in Cameroon is to install the website editor software called WordPress. WordPress provides you with the option of completely customizing your own website without writing a single code. After installing the WordPress you shall be provided with a login username and password. When installing endeavor to select HTTPS if you have an SSL installed and HTTP if you have no SSL. You can always access the WordPress dashboard afterward by using this link yourdomain.com/wp-admin and then you enter your username and password.

10 Simple Steps To Create A Website In Cameroon

wordpress installation

7. Install a Theme:

A theme a website template from which you can customize to suit the standard you deserve. Different themes may offer different looks and functionalities. Themes exist both free and paid, and some themes got a free and a paid version. The most user-friendly theme I know about so far is customify. All you need to do is to select a theme and then, install and activate it.

10 Simple Steps To Create A Website In Cameroon

Theme installation and activation

8. Install plugins:

The steps to create a website include installation and activation of plugins. Plugins are like applications such as computer programs. A plugin is simply a website software for a specific function. different plugins got different functions. For example; Sassy Social Share is a plugin that has the function to create social sharing buttons on a website. Plugins also have free and paid. Install and activate only plugins very necessary to get your website going.

plugins installation and activation

9. Customize themes and plugins:

Customizing the theme and plugins entails managing the theme and plugins in such a way that it suits the standard you intend to achieve. This is the biggest part of the job as you will have to master the settings and functionalities of the theme and plugins before you are going to be able to do that.

10. Create Content:

To finish up the nice job you must polish up your website with some useful and attractive content. Content is the king, so if you ever think of creating a successful website then you should go ahead and create some unique and quality content for prospective readers. A beautiful website design with junk content is as good as useless. Content writing must take into consideration both readability and keyword optimization.

Conclution On 10 Simple Steps To Create A Website In Cameroon

In order to create a website in Cameroon all you need to do is to carefully follow those 10 simple steps and am confident you shall make it. But in case you face any challenge, Great Mike is always available to give a helping hand through our WhatsApp contact.

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Creating a website in Cameroon can be really beneficial to everyone. Such benefits include; blogging/advertising with AdSense, selling of goods and services, promote affiliate products, etc. You can start today and tomorrow may be a paradise on earth for you just through this.

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We also offer mentorship programs for those who want to succeed online in Cameroon.

How the main objective of writing this article is to show young and aspiring youths 10 simple steps to create a website in Cameroon without necessarily learning coding.

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