How to recover MINESEC Census password

Incase your forgot your census login information for MINESEC staff census, kindly contact us. We recover MINESEC census password in no time.

Are a civil servant working at MINESEC who already did the Online Staff Census but can no longer login for some reasons? Are you at the verge of your salary being suspended because you can not access you census account to get receipt? Are you under pressure from officials to submit or update census and you don't how to go about it?

recover forgotten password minesec online staff census

recover forgotten password minesec online staff census

We solve the following problems concerning MINESEC online staff census;

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With the introduction of digital system in Cameroon, many anti-digital employees have really face it very difficult to integrate smoothly into the new digital system. The MINESEC Online Staff Census is one amongst many that have left many employees stranded not knowing what to do.

The Online census started late 2019 and many people paid for their account to be created for them. With each person having an individual login information.

Unfortunately the authorities are only asking for the census receipt this late 2020 and also asking for an update to the initial census information.

It happened that many had forgetting their password and do not even know where to begin. Also there is no direct means on the official website to help staff recover forgotten password. The forgotten password button does not send any link to users email to help them get a new password.

Thank God All such problem has been solved as we are stepping in to help solve this issue once and for all.

Recover your forgotten password for minesec online staff census.

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