GCE Timetable 2022 Written and Practical Examination Dates Cameroon

Cameroon GCE Examination Timetable

Are you preparing to write the June 2022 GCE Exams? If yes, we are delighted to inform you that the timetable for this year’s session of the exams has been officially released and we have published it below. Below you shall be able to find the GCE timetable 2020 written and practical, showing all sessions and dates.

This Timetable 2022 comprises session and dates for GCE Ordinary Level, GCE Advanced Level, GCE Intermediate Technical certificate and GCE Advanced Technical certificate.

The GCE timetable 2022 for written and practical examinations is extremely important for candidates to become well-prepared in advance..

What Exams are involved in the GCE Timetable 2020 Written and Practical?

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education (CGCE) exams are the exams written by students of the English sub-system of education in Cameroon.

The official body responsible for the organization of these exams throughout the National Territory, in conformity with Law No, 98/004 of 14 April 1998 laying down guidelines for the Education in Cameroon is the Cameroon GCE Board.

The following examinations are organized yearly by the GCE Board:

Brief History of the Cameroon GCE Board and Examination Timetable

The first Cameroon GCE examination was conducted in June 1971. Until June 1987, the marking of the Cameroon GCE   examination was done in the lone centre of Yaoundé on a rotatory basis such that the subjects marked in one centre in one year would be marked in another centre the following years.

The Cameroon GCE board was created officially in 1993, thanks to the efforts of Anglophone community groups, such as the Teachers' Association of Cameroon (TAC), led by Mr. Peter Chateh; churches; Confederation of Anglophone Parents’ Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (CAPTAC), with other trade union groups who fought excellently to see the creation of the board.

However, the fight had started since 1983 and it took 10 years for a consensus to be reached by these groups and the Government of Cameroon to create an examination board to award certificates to Anglophone Cameroonian students.

Following the creation of the Board, the Prime Minister signed the Text of Application; Order Nº : 112/CAB/PM to define and determine the administrative and financial organization of the Board. As such, the pioneer Chairman of the Board was appointed. The installation of the Chairman by the then Minister of National Education was done on 25th October 1993 in Buea and it marked the starting point in the functioning of the Cameroon GCE Board.

The initial decree was amended and completed by two other decrees: Nº:97/45 and Nº:91/46 both of 5 March 1997 to extend the scope of activities of the Board to include the organization of examinations in English which gave way to the award of the Baccalaureat Technique, the Brevet de Technique, the Brevet d’études Professionnelles, and the Brevet Profesionnelle Certificates.

The first council of the Board held on 19 November 1993. Since then GCE examinations in Cameroon have been organized by the Cameroon GCE Board.

The Cameroon GCE 2022 Timetable

The general timetable contains all the subjects included in the GCE curriculum and shows all the dates and hours displayed throughout the writing period.

The timetable is drafted in two sessions:

There are two types of GCE timetables which are made available to candidates upon registration. These are:

The individual timetable is used as an acceptance slip or receipt during the exams.

Candidates are required to show their individual timetable at the start of each session and only candidates with the right individual timetable from the GCE board will be allowed to write the exams.

In addition to the General and Individual timetable, it is important to get a revision timetable that will help you prepare properly for the exams.

Importance of having a revision GCE Timetable 2022

It ensures proper planning

A GCE study timetable helps candidates discover ways that they can engage with their studies and ways to study effectively.

Coming up with a good study timetable helps you develop good study habits, as well as good study routines which ensures that all subjects are covered. It is important to have an effective timetable to help you allocate your time to each subject.

So having a GCE revision timetable for 2022 is absolutely important! Not only will the timetable itself help you to make sure that you cover all of the important areas for the upcoming GCE exams 2022, but it will also help you decide which subjects you need to spend more time on.

It ensures Accountability

A GCE revision timetable can keep you accountable, as you have made a decision to commit to set deadlines. These deadlines have the ability to pressurize you to start working now. However, when you don’t have a study timetable where you have scheduled a period date for every subject, you will always find yourself saying I will do that tomorrow and when tomorrow comes you say the same thing again.

Less Stress

If you have properly prepared for every subject following your timetable, you would have covered most of your work by the time you are going in for the exams and you won’t stress yourself on the eve or a few days before the exams. You won’t have to cram late at night, force-feeding your mind with lots of information it can’t even carry at that time whereas all you want is a good night’s sleep. Always ensured you get enough rest and don’t stress yourself too much before the exams.

It saves time

A good timetable saves you the stress of always spending time going through all your books contemplating on what to read every single time. This is time that could be put in to study more.

Tips for making a GCE good study timetable

•        Always keep your academic goal in mind, perhaps it could be 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 papers at the GCE “O” Level or 5, 4, 3 papers at the GCE “A” Level.

•        Remember to schedule time every day to study except on days where it is impossible to do so.

•        Keep your timetable in a place that you will see or access every day. You don’t want to start looking everywhere for it when it is study time.

•        Be consistent with your study and follow your time table as best as you can.

•        Don’t overload yourself with so many subjects that you can’t handle.

•        Your time table should include breaks so you can always get a little rest, take a walk and rest your brain after studying for a while.

Important Tips on how to pass the GCE

After getting hold of your timetable, they are other things you will need to do in order to pass the GCE with amazing grades.

Start Preparing As Early As Possible

There is definitely a lot you will have to cover from form 3 to form 5 for candidates taking the “O” Level and lower 6th and upper 6th for “A” level candidates. So ensure that you begin your revision as soon as possible to cover all these areas. Many candidates usually wait till after examination timetable is released before they start reading, but I can assure you that this sure way to fail. So start preparing as soon as possible as proper preparation prevent poor performance.

Use the GCE Syllabus as Your Study Guide

The Cameroon GCE Board has prepared a syllabus which comprises of the topics where the exams will be set on. This is to ensure that you don’t go off and focus on what is not relevant when it comes to the GCE Exams. In addition, there is a possibility your teacher may not cover everything entirely. So it is important you study with the GCE syllabus and make sure you cover all important aspects.

Do not panic

A common mistake some GCE candidates make is they always allow fear to engulf their heart. They think the GCE may be extremely tough than they may have imagined, they may not have prepared enough and thus succumb to panic.

This is definitely a bad way to approach this exam. Even if you have prepared extremely well, if you allow fear to engulf your heart, there is a high probability you will fail the exam.

So if you want to come out successful in the GCE, relax and approach this exam with a courageous and optimistic heart as there is nothing you will see in the exams that is different from what you have been learning in class. Do not allow the terrible experiences you have heard from others affect your confidence.

Practice with Past Questions

Get as many past questions as possible for every subject and try to answer as many as possible. This will get you used to the exam format and be able to master as many things as possible. Remember you will also meet past questions and other related questions in the GCE.

GCE Timetable 2022
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