GCE Results 2023 O L and A L Cameroon Published PDF

GCE Results 2023 Cameroon for O Level and A Level Published General, Technical, ATC and ITC has just been released today 20th of August 2023. GCE results June 2023 names of successful candidates in order of merit released complete with grades in PDF download.

Find your name for Cameroon GCE results 2023 PDF, results of successful candidates in order of merits at the GCE Ordinary Level O/L, Advanced Level A/L, Intermediate Technical Certificate ITC and Advanced Technical Certificate ATC. The have been lots of celebrations in some neighborhoods as well as languishing in others. Congratulations to all the students who made it and courage to those who failed for there is no better time to begin preparation again than now.


GCE results 2023 released in Cameroon  is another showdown of students performances at both Ordinary Level and Advanced Level.

Cameroon GCE Results 2023 June Session

Complete Results With Grades Published

GCE Results 2023 PDF Download

The Cameroon GCE results 2023 PDF is being published on our website for all centers and passed subjects showed with all grades. The written face of the examination took place between the July and August 2023 as opposed to the usual June to July, marking started on the 8th of September and ended on the 16th of September 2023.

Cameroon GCE Results 2022 PDF

Cameroon GCE Results 2023PDF

The GCE ITC and ATC are written for the first time and has come to replace the CAP/OL Technical and BACC/AL Technical respectively.

After the end of each session of the examination, the GCE board issues letters to examiners to come assist in the marking process for which a motivation is giving at the end of the exercise.

It was really a difficult academic year 2022/2023 as a result of the ongoing Anglophone crisis (particularly in the NW and SW) and the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that let to the halt of the academic year for over three (3) months.

Due to the encouragement from the minister of secondary education and the commitment of the educational staff, the school year ended successfully though late but thank God the Cameroon GCE results 2021 PDF are finally out.

Download Cameroon GCE Results 2023 PDF With Grades

Passed Grading System for Cameroon GCE Results 2023 PDF

The grading system for the Cameroon GCE results 2023 is different both at the ordinary and advanced level OR ITC and ATC.

Passed Grades at the O/L and ITC ranges from A to C with A being the highest with a three points score and C being the lowest with a one point score.

Passed Grades at the A/L and ATC ranges from A to E, with A being the highest with a 5 points score and E being the lowest with a 1 point score.

N.B: The marks range allocated for each grade is done after serious deliberation by examiners, based on the general performance in individual subjects.

Maximum and minimum number of papers allowed to be written by candidates at the Cameroon GCE Examination 2023

Number of papers considered as a Pass at the Cameroon GCE Results 2023

The number of papers considered to be a pass at the Cameroon GCE Results 2023 varies with respect of type of institution (General or Technical) and the Level of studies. Note that the GCE ITC and ATC have come to replace the then GCE O/L Technical and GCE A/L Technical.

Cameroon GCE results release is one of the most awakening moment in the country, as it brings to light the reality of the effort put in place by students, and enable them to see if their hard work was rewarded or if it was not good enough in the course of their preparation.

No matter the unrest taking place in the English speaking section of the country, some students still managed to study and wrote the GCE Exams. Finally now is the time to see thier GCE results 2023 for the June 2023 session of the examination with grades published completely in PDF Downloads.

Get your complete Cameroon GCE Result 2023 June with grades just by one click in PDF download

GCE Results June 2023 Cameroon ADVANCED LEVEL GENERAL




GCE Results  2023 June Cameroon ORDINARY LEVEL TECHNICAL



The grading system of GCE results 2023Cameroon  at the Ordinary and Advanced Levels.

Letter grades are used and below is the grading system used by the Cameroon GCE board for the examinations it administers:

Letter grades A, B, and C represent a passing grade, with the A grade being the highest and the C grade being the lowest, and U (unclassified) representing a fail. Grades lower than C are not stated on the certificate.

Letter grades A, B, C, D, and E represent a passing grade, with the A grade being the highest and the E grade being the lowest. An F (fail) is not a passing grade and is not stated on the certificate

Note: What we have below is still the results for the June 2018 session of the Cameroon GCE. The Cameroon GCE Result  2019 June shall be expected to be released between the 28th to 3rd of August 2019.


Eligibility of Cameroon GCE Examination and Certificates Obtained

GCE means General Certificate Examination. This examination has worldwide acceptance and can be used for entry into any university in the world.

GCE exams usually take place between May and June each year in Cameroon. Generally, in Cameroon General Certificate Examinations are taken by two major sets of people.

The first set of candidates are those who have carried out five years of preparation after living primary school, referred to as Ordinary Level student sitting for the O Level certificate. The second set of candidates are those who have carried out two years of studies after obtaining the Ordinary Level certificate and are said to be sitting in for Advance Level exams to obtain the A Level Certificate.

Overview of Cameroon GCE Board, Examinations and Result

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board known as Cameroon GCE Board, is the public examination board responsible for setting examinations, marking them, and distributing results for Anglo-Saxon Cameroonian secondary school students at two stages; Stage 1: The GCE Ordinary Level ("O Level"), a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, for students having completed a 5-year secondary education program, with students qualifying to sit the GCE O' Level examinations; and Stage 2: The GCE Advanced Level ("A Level"), another subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies and authorities to students completing secondary or pre-university education, for students having completed a 2-year High School education program, and who have previously sat and been successful in at least 4 GCE O' Level subjects. GCE A' Level examinations are written by upper sixth students.

The General Certificate of Education is a pure UK system of education adopted by Anglo-Saxon Cameroon.

In the 2015/16 academy year, about 182,416 candidates sat for both the GCE examinations in Cameroon with over 138,000 candidates for the O' Level and 46,000 for the A' Level examinations.

Brief History of Cameroon GCE BOARD

The Cameroon GCE board was officially created in 1993, according to a book titled “The Cameroon GCE Crisis: A Test of Anglophone Solidarity.” The book says the creation of the board was spearheaded by Anglophone community groups, such as the Teachers' Association of Cameroon (TAC), lead by Mr. Peter Chateh; churches; Confederation of Anglophone Parents’ Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (CAPTAC), with other trade union groups also playing a pivot role in the creation of the board.

It took 10 years, from 1983 to October 1993 for a consensus to be reached by the aforementioned groups and the Government of Cameroon to create an examination board to award certificate to Anglophone Cameroonian students.

Before the Cameroon GCE board came to existence in 1993, certificates were awarded to Anglophone Cameroonian student by the General Certificate of Education in the UK as it was a Trust Territory under British administration (known as British Cameroons) from 1922 to 1961.

Guidelines To Prepare For Success In Cameroon GCE Examinations Ordinary Level; What to do.

Trust me when I say GCE O-Levels are really simple to ace. I got straight As for O-Levels and it wasn't much of a challenge, to be honest.
What you have to do is as follows:



GCE Results 2023
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