Apply and Register Passport Online In Cameroon And Collect In 48 Hours

The days of some passports called express passports are long gone as all passports issued in Cameroon now are all expres. Apply and register passport online in Cameroon and collect In 48 hours.

Are looking for means to register for a new passport or want to renew an expired passport? We can help you walk through the steps that will guide you to book an appointment and get the passport within 48 hours. The old days of applying for a passport and waiting for three months are no more. Apply and Register for a passport online in Cameroon now at the comfort of your home.

In case you are facing difficulties only then shall we help you out. We shall outline the procedure for application which can be followed by anyone with just average digital knowledge.

What is a passport?

A Passport is an official document issued by a government, certifying the holder's identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.

Cost to apply and register passport onlin in Cameroon

The application fees for the registration of a passport online in Cameroon stand at One Hundred and Ten Thousand Francs CFA (110,000 FCFA). However, additional costs might be incurred due to transfer charges.

For example, MTN Cameroon will charge about 2500 FCFA as charges to make a payment of 110,000FCFA raising the sum to 112,500 FCFA.

Note: You shall pay this amount at the time of the online registration. You shall not make any additional expenses on the date of appointment aside from certification.

Procedure To Apply And Register Passport Online In Cameroon.

No more need to go to the office to stand on a very long line filling forms from one office to the other. Today you just the entire application online plus payment and you just go to the office of National Security just for the snapshot and validation based on an appointment.

To begin the procedure, ensure you are in possession of your ID card, Mobile Phone/Email, and at least 112,500FCFA in your Mobile Money to make payment.

The steps to show the procedure to apply and register for a passport online in Cameroon are as elaborated below;

Please ensure to read through all the steps before you begin.

Follow the steps to apply and register a passport online in Cameroon by image starting from step 2.


apply and register passport online in cameroon

Choose a Language (English or French) and Choose Email or Phone Number.


apply and register passport online in cameroon

Enter Email or Phone number depending on what you chose in the previous step and click continue.


apply and register passport online in cameroon

Enter the code sent to your email or phone number and click continue.


Click on "Click Here To Start"


apply and register passport online in cameroon

Fill in the General information and click continue.


apply and register passport online in cameroon

Fill in the personal information and click on "Continue


Fill in the parent information and Click on Continue


apply and register passport online in cameroon

Fill In the National Identity Card Information and click on submit


apply and register passport online in cameroon

Choose a payment method and proceed to make payments.

Book an appointment by choosing a place, date, and time. Ensure to download and print the complete registration form. You will have to present this form on the date of appointment.

Go for your appointment and get your passport issued to you in the next 24 hours. CONGRATULATIONS.

How long does it take for the passport to come out after application?

After finishing up with the application, you certainly book an appointment which might be in 8 days' time or so depending on your convenience.

After the appointment date, the passport comes out in 48 hours.

What do I present at the national security?

On the date of appointment at the national security, you shall be required to present a colored printed copy of the complete passport application you obtained online, alongside your NIC certification.

Which office is in charge of passports in Cameroon.

The location of the office will depend on what you chose during booking an appointment in the registration process.

You just need to visit the Regional Office for National Security of the region of your choice as reflected by the appointment.


We want to state here categorically that, we are in no way a direct affiliate to the National Security or the body in charge of registering and issuing passports in Cameroon. We are just a digital agency and a web designing/digital marketing training center looking for different ways to solve help people and solve problems in the best ways that can satisfy someone in need. Also, this is not a government website, but the registering link we shared above is that of the Cameroon National Body In charge of registering and issuing passports. Our only job is to help users learn the procedure to apply and register passports online in Cameroon and to assist those who can't learn with the application and necessary education.

In case you want to fully apply and register a passport only in Cameroon, you shall have to compensate us for our time in following through with all the steps. Nevertheless, we believe the steps are clear enough in a way anybody with little digital knowledge can comprehend.

apply and register passport online in Cameroon
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