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The Microsoft Office – Word Start Button

          Under the office – word start button we can carry out the following functions.
·        Create a blank page
·        Open an existing document
·        Save a new document
·        Save an existing document
·        Print a document
·        Encrypt a document.
a)    Creating a blank page
       Click on Office Start Button
       Click on New
       Click on Create.
b)    Saving a new document.
Click on Office Start Button
Click on “Save As”
Type in the document name using the keyboard
Click on save or strike “Enter” on the keyboard to store.
c)     Saving and already existing document
Click on the Office Start Button
Click on “Save”
d)    Renaming a document
       Click on the Office Start Button
       Click on “Save As”
       Typing the new name using the keyboard
       You can select a new location (if necessary)
       Click on Save.
e)     Opening an existing document
       Click on Office Start Button
       Click on Open
       Trace the location of the document (if not save under “My Document”)
       Select the document to be opened by left clicking on it.
       Click on open.
f)      Printing a document
       Left click on the Office Start Button
       Go to Print
       Select Print Preview to see how the document will look like if printed on a paper. This is to make sure that all your text or document is found within the printable margin, so that no portion will be missing after printing.
       Select Print to print the document. (There are more procedures below)
          After selecting print, a functional window is going to be displayed. To continue with the printing, the following functions must be perform.
       Make sure you are using the available printer (if not go to “Name” and click on the small arrow beside the bar and select the available printer name).
       Go to  Copies to select the number of copies of a document to be printed.
       Under  Page Range, select All to print all the pages in a document, select Current Page to print only the active page, select Pagesto chose a set of page to be printed.
       Go to “Scale To Paper Size to select the scale of the paper usually A4.
       Go to Page Per Sheet to select the number of computer pages to be printed on a sheet.
       Click on Ok to proceed with the printing.
N.B: We can also click on properties if there is need concerning print layout, print page and print quality.
g)    Encrypting a document.
This is the process of protecting your document with a password from being access or use by other users. Encryption can be Read Only or Deny Access.
          In read only, other users can access the document, read trough it but can not edit it. While in the case of Deny Access, the users can not eve view the content of the document and hence can not also edit the document.
To encrypt a document;
       Click on the Office Start Button
       Click on “Save As”
       Click on Tools
       Click on General
       Type in the set of character to be use as password.
       Click on Read Only if you intend to protect the document read only or else do not click on it if you intend to make it access deny.
       Click on Protect
       Click on Ok

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