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Ordinary Level O L Complete GCE Results 2021 Cameroon

Ordinary Level O L Complete GCE Results 2021 pdf download  published. Results of successfull candidates in order of merit.

GCE Ordinary Level Examinations 2021

GCE Ordinary Level Certificates 2021

Ordinary Level O L Complete GCE Results 2020


Ordinary Level O L Complete GCE Results 2021 for GCE Ordinary Level General And Ordinary Level Technical.

Ordinary Level O L GCE 2021 Eligibility

GCE Ordinary Level examination 2021 is an exam written after five years of committed preparations. The qualification to write the GCE Ordinary Level Exam in Cameroon is to validate a common entrance examination after finishing your six year of primary school studies. Thereafter you have to study for another five years at the secondary school as partial fulfillment for the preparation for the validation of the GCE Ordinary Level Examination for the award of a certificate called GCE Ordinary Level Certificate.

After written the students then have to wait for another one month two weeks for the publication of the exams.

Ordinary Level O L Complete GCE Results 2021 GRADING SYSTEM

The grades obtained from the exam ranges from A to E and then U. Passed grades ranges from A to C with A being the highest with a score of  points, B has 2 points and C has 1 point. Grade D and E are failed Grades. While Grade U is considered as unclassified; meaning the marks scored was too low beyond imagination.


The maximum paper a student can sit for is 11 and the minimum is six with the exception of students who already passed the examination and are only looking to upgrade a certain paper. Maximum points for the examination is 33 and a student is said to have passed the GCE Ordinary Level only after validating a minimum of four papers.

The results are always releases between ending July and ending August of each year. Sleeps of Students are then sent to their various schools while the certificate is the printed and sent afterword.

Guidelines To Prepare For Success In Cameroon GCE Examinations Ordinary Level 2021; What to do.

Trust me when I say GCE O-Levels are really simple to ace. I got straight As for O-Levels and it wasn’t much of a challenge, to be honest.
What you have to do is as follows:

  • Study 3 subjects a day. I bet you’ll remember stuff better. Content is a breeze.
  • Have a timetable and stick to it.
  • Never study on your bed or anywhere near it.
  • Listen to classical music once in a while. Just make sure there are no lyrics whatsoever.
  • When you are trying to memorize, read through once, read and take notes by hand the following time, and lastly close your book and try to write what you just learned.
  • Another great way to score is to memorize answering techniques.
  • Use diagrams to help understand better
  • Never refer to the answer sheet until you’ve completed the entire paper.
  • Just before the exam, read through the notes once.

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