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Microsoft Office Publisher is a programme use for the designation of adverts, greeting cards, certificate, calendar, bronchus, etc.

Assuming the undergone studies in Office 2007, we must have acquired a general overview on how the office programme works.
          In the case of publisher, there is no home menu and there is no page layout menu. Page lay out can be done under File.
As we can observe on the tool bar, most of the functions have been explained in the other programs hence we will move on by studying the Format function, Edit function, insert function and the file function
Edit Function
Under the edit function, we can carry out function such as;
Undo and redo
Edit a text in word by clicking on “edit story in word.
Delete text
Delete object
Delete page
Note: Before editing a text/object, you must first highlight/select.
Insert function
Here we can carry out task such as;
a)     Inserting a page: This is to input a new blank page into a publication.
Note that the pages in publisher are not continues except otherwise; Hence after working on a page until it is exhausted, you need to insert a new page to continue with the work. Here you Right Click on the current page number and select Before or After
b)    Duplicating a page: This is the option of creating a new page with same content as the existing working page.

c). Inserting Date: Here you are provided with the ability of selecting different date formats.
d). Inserting Symbols: Just like what we saw in Words, we can use this option to insert signs and symbols into the publisher work window.
e). Inserting Pictures: Go to inset and proceed as in Words.
f). Inserting Objects: This provides us with the option of conveniently using and editing jobs that publisher on its own cannot do. Through this process, we can access a working window of other programs, carry out design on this
 window and the results are presented on the publisher window on close this
other window. To perfect this study; under Insert function click on Object,
Select an Object type and click on OK. You can now carry out what ever design you intended on the new working window. At the end of the designation, simply close the new window to make the design appear on the publication page.
j). Inserting Text Box: Text Box can be made use of by selecting the text box
 icon on the vertical tool bar and the following procedure in Microsoft Office Word. A measure different that favours text box formatting in word in publisher and Word is the line designs.
Format function
Here we can execute functions such as;
a). Autofit: This is to select options that will allow text to over in case s where
the content of the text is more than the created text, or shrink the text to fit the
text box, to other wise allow the computer carry out the best fit. We perform this by selecting Auto fit option under the format function.
b). Colour Scheme: To determine the possible types of colour mixture.
c). Format Text Box: (See Microsoft Office Words).
Options includes; Printing, Print setup, Print preview, Open, Save, etc.
(For the options mentioned above see Microsoft Office Word).
a). How to import documents: This is the process of Downloading and already prepared and saved words documents into the publisher window. This can be
 done for reasons including; designing, publication method etc. To carry out this function;
Left click on File, click on import Word Document.
Select the required document from a specific location and click on OK.
b). Pack and Go: This is a means of packaging a publication to be used on
another computer or a commercial printer so as to avoid problem such as
change in design format. To perform this task;
click on File.
Click on Package and Go.
Select Take to Another Computer or Take to a Commercial Printer service
depending on your job prescription.
Click on Next and select a location to save file.
Select Next until finish.
c). Find add-ins for other file formats: This option provides us with the ability to import another software and enables it to convent from it file format to other file format such as PDF and SPX. To execute this function, the software whose
add-in is to be incorporated must have been installed on the computer system.
After the installation of a program for example; CONVERT TO PDF, you
are going to find Save As PDF under the file function. Click on the Save As
PDF to proceed.
d). Page Setup; Function such as Page Size, Page Orientation and Page Margin
can be done under the Page Setup option found under the File function.
e). Convert to Web Publication: This option is use to convert the publication to
a web format for the purpose of publishing to the internet. This is perform by clicking on Convert to Web Page Publication under the File function and follow
the preceding options.

 N.B: Functions can be added or remove from the tool bar with the application of the tool bar option. It should be noted that the ability to produce good designs using Publisher does not only depend on your understanding of the functions but also depends greatly on conception

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