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Files and folders are the two basic component of computer data and information.


computer files
different file formats
computer folders
folder window containing other folders


A file is a software component made up of only one data type. For example; document file, picture file, music file, etc.

A folder is a software component which has the capability to contain one or more files no matter the data type.

  1. a)How To Create A Folder
  • Right click on an empty space on the desktop or on a computer window
  • –       Go to New
  • –       Go to Folder
  • –       Left click on Folder
  • –       Type the folder name using the keyboard
  • –       Press Enter key on the keyboard or left click on an empty space.
  1. b)Renaming A File/Folder
  • –       Right click on the file or folder to be renamed
  • –       Left click on rename
  • –       Use the keyboard to input the new name
  • –       Press Enter on the keyboard or left click on an empty space
  1. c)Deleting A File/Folder
  • –       Right click on the file/folder to be deleted
  • –       Left click on delete
  • –       Left click on YES

When this file/folder is deleted, it moves to the RECYCLE BIN. The RECYCLE BIN is a folder containing temporary or accidentally deleted. Here the capacity of the file/folder is much more reduce and the file/folder can not be functional except after restoration.

  1. d)Restoring A File/Folder
  • –       Right click on RECYCLE BIN
  • –       Left click on OPEN
  • –       Right click on the file or folder to be restored
  • –       Left click on RESTORE

The file or Folder moves back to its original location before it was being deleted.

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