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How to set page orientation, margin, borders, size, watermark, colors, etc

The Page Layout Ribbon

The page layout menu or ribbon refers to the functions which helps us to make all setting concerning our paper including; orientation, page size, border, etc


Microsoft Office 2007 page layout

page layout

Microsoft Office 2010 page layout


a)     Page Orientation:

This refers to the manner in which the page is being displayed for text to be presented on. Here the orientation is either portrait or landscape. To assign a page orientation;

–       Left click on the page layout menu.

–       Left click on Orientation.

–       Click on Portrait or Landscape depending on your purpose. (Portrait refers to the normal vertical presentation while Landscape refers to the horizontal presentation.

b)    Page Margin:

Here we assign the imaginary boundary area for the page. (i.e. its margin) depending on the purpose.  Margins are measured from the edges of the four sides of the page. Margin determines the working space. The larger the margin, the smaller the working space.

To perform this task;

–       Under the page layout menu,

–       Click on Margins.

–       Click on Insert Page Margin.

–       Insert values for the right, left, top and bottom margins as need be.

–       Click on Ok.

Note: the above instruction is the normal procedure, but there also exist default margins from which we can select the margins directly depending on the purpose.Normally we use a margin of 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 left and 1 right. We can also use 0.5 all round to get a wider working space.

c)     Page Size:

Here we determine the dimension of the page. In our day to day life we commonly use the A4 size page. To select the page size;

–       Under the page layout menu click on Size.

–       Select the required size by clicking on it.

d)    Page Border:

This option is used to decorate a page either at the page margin or text margin. To insert a page border;

–       Left click on Page Border.

–       Under page border, select the format in which you want the border to appear.

–       Select the type of border you want to use.

–       Click on Option.

–       Select Edge page so that the border follows page margin or else select Text so that the border follows text margin. Then Click on OK

–       We have other options like 3D effect; shadow effect etc. depending on the need.

–       Under Art, click on the small arrow beside to select an art to be used for the border.

–       After all has been done, click on OK.

NB: You can select Border or Page Border under the dialogue box. Page border is to assign a border to the entire page while border enables you to assign border to a paragraph or chosen section.

Under the page layout menu we have other functions including; indent, spacing, column, hyphenation etc. which are to be noted. Just to note that column is use to divide a page into columns just as in the Bible format.

e)     Page Color:

Use to assign Background color to a page. To do this; click on Page Layout and then on Page Color and select a desired color.


Use to assign a blur text or picture as the background of a page. Whereby text can be typed and edited on it normally and will be displayed alongside the background after printing.

To perform this task;

Click on Page Layout, Click on Watermark. Click on Custom Watermark to perform all editing.