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Make money online in Cameroon best working methods

On this page you’ll find all the best easy ways to make money online in Cameroon in your spare time whilst at university, after job while resting, or even as a career to earn huge paychecks without a job.  All these is based on my own experience which I have acquired in my many years trying to fine the best easy ways to make money online in Cameroon. But because of my vast experience and level of success online, you will not have to toil the internet for solution for I have already gather everything for you based on experience. I will keep adding new ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it. And please do share your own ideas in the comments!
While you are thinking of starting an online business, avoid get rich quick schemes and time consuming programs like paid -to -click programs  paid to read .
Here are some of the best ways ways to make money online in Cameroon that can lead to money into your bank account directly OR enable you catch-out freely at a Western Union Branch, sparing you from all the stress of a standard monthly paid job or saving you from the troubles of unemployment.
Social Media marketing
It actually one of the most comman ways to make money online in Cameroon. Imagine yourself with a facebook profile of over 500 friends. Having big facebook accounts is good. Many of your friends have things they need or hobbies they like. You can market to them directly or join affiliate programs that offer products that will interest your friends. You can extend your network by promoting products in groups, facebook pages, friends post and more. This can lead you to a stable income stream.  If you are the owner of a business, you can also create a page or even create a website to expose your products/services. This goes same with sites such as twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  and more. Turn you creativity to money and stop wasting your time sharing unneccessary pictures on facebook.
Affiliate marketing
This a metthod of to make money online in Cameroon which is little bit difficult but pays off big. There are thousand of companies that have products to market. You can become a sales man by marketing for them while being rewarded with commission. Amazon, commission junction and so many other offer a great deal of affiliate marketing.  As an affiliate you have to have a target market . This  can be your blog, twitter follows, facebook friends or an email list that you will use to promote your products. This particular aspects can be extended to network marketing where you can actually recruit people to work for you on behalf of a company.
This is my favorite method to make money online in Cameroon. However it does not work for everyone because the first thing that make a blogger is the intrinsic motivator of writing. You need to have a passion for writing. So if you want to make a choice on blogging be ready to face the challenges. However, many are making money with this system in Cameroon.
My blog is my house online. I advertise on my blog, sell products and above all share what I know with people.  This is my shop online. Now after having a blog the first and greatest thing is to write articles and then get into promotion. The more blog readers you have , the more money you can make.  Adsense is the most popular method of earning  from you blog.
how to make money online in cameroon
How ever you can write reviews, sell products and more on you blog. For  more you can check our post  on how to make money with your blog
Ad Placement
Many people want their brands to be known by everyone but don’t know how to do it because they don’t have a website. They are a good number of site such as, and more that you can place ads . You can do this for people and charge them depending on the number of sites you want  to place ads.
Designing/Creating blogs/Websites
One of the ways I make money online in Cameroon is by designing blogs for people. People who visit my blog ask how they can create one  which lead to a way of earning some money. If you are good in designing you can also join me and make money online creating blogs. They are many people who need blogs such as models, farmers, restaurant owners, musicians etc to make their brand known. You can get in and dig them out .
Creating Facebook pages
People pay me to create fan pages on facebook as well as advertise them. You can contact me if you want to know more.
They are Other methods to make money online in Cameroon such as domain flipping, selling photos, advertising services, designing t-shirts  etc.
Network Marketing
Networking is actually partnering with a company that render a particular product or services, and in turn recruiting others to work for you on behalf of the company. Sincerely it is the best modern method of marketing applied by companies which does not only enrich a company but enriches many young people working at the comfort of their home. All you need is identifying a network company with real-time, useful and easily consumable products, and also develop the passion to get rich. It is a method of making money online in Cameroon that can help you earn millions without working anymore in the future.

Best working methods to make money online in Cameroon. Things You Must Consider.

Gone are those days when you had to own a factory, own lands, banks and so on in order become a millionaire in Cameroon. Today there is something called the internet. The internet gives you the keys to an unlimited number of opportunities. What you do with these opportunities will determine whether you actually make anything online or not. And if you are reading this, I congratulate you! It shows you are serious and looking forward to doing something about your financial situation from an online perspective.

I believe you can be rich through the internet, very rich though. According to my January 2018 financial report, I actually make 500K+ FCFA per month from my auto pilot online business that I started setting up in 2015. I once heard someone say: ‘Foolish people waste money; average people spend money while wise people invest money’. My question to you today is: In which category are you? For any young Cameroonian to be poor in this internet age is a monumental error.

In order to make money online in Cameroon, you need to do the following:
Choose one or two methods that suit your lifestyle. By method, I mean you should chose from the Best Ways to make money online in Cameroon that I mentioned earlier such as blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. When I said one that suits your lifestyle, I mean something you can easily do taking into consideration things like financial investment needed, time, your passion for it, etc.

Educate yourself on the method you have chosen. Go online and study how that method operates and how to be successful in it. Join forums; find out why some fail and why others succeed; what are the difficulties involved? Also try to draw close to top earners in that method in Cameroon to learn from their experiences.
Select your niche market wisely. A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche is defined as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment (wikipedia).

Look for a mentor. My online business took a totally miraculous shift when I started being mentored by one of the greatest marketers in the world: Neil Patel. Today, I’m privileged to mentor so many young Cameroonian millionaires.

Here is Why You Need A Mentor In Accordance with

a. Gain experience not shared in books.
Experience is a very expensive asset — yet it’s crucial to business success. There’s only so much about a person’s experience you can gain from books. It’s an unstated truth that most authors do not feel comfortable revealing everything about themselves in books. Some personal experiences may be too intimate to be shared, yet how they dealt with it can help an inexperienced entrepreneur’s career.

Mentorship is one guaranteed way to gain experience from others.

b. You’re more likely to succeed with a mentor.
Research and surveys prove that having a mentor is important to success. In a 2013 executive coaching survey, 80 percent of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship. In another research by Sage, 93 percent of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success.

Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice, occasional checks — together with the spiritual and moral guidance you will gain from having a mentor — will literarily leapfrog you to success.

c. Network opportunities.
Aside the fact that investors trust startups who are recommended by their friends, a successful mentor has an unlimited network of people who can benefit your career. Since they are already invested in your success, it only makes sense for them to let you tap into their network of people when the need arises.

This is an opportunity you cannot tap into if you do not have a mentor.

d. A mentor gives you reassurance.
It has been proven by research that a quality mentorship has a powerful positive effect on young entrepreneurs. Having someone who practically guides you and shares your worries with you — often placating your fears with their years of experience — keeps you reassured that you’ll be successful.

Self-confidence is very important to success as entrepreneurs. A 2014 Telegraph report revealed that having a high self-confidence contributes significantly to career success — more so than talent and competence. Mentors have the capacity to help young founders tap into their self-confidence and see every challenge as an opportunity.

e. A mentor will help you stay in business longer.
When you imagine the number of businesses that fail, you’d wish a lot of business owners had mentors. According to SBA, 30 percent of new businesses may not survive past the first 24 months, and 50 percent of those may not make it past five years. However, 70 percent of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years.

f. A mentor will help you develop stronger EQ.
Does maturity bring about a higher EQ in entrepreneurs? Emotional intelligence is crucial to entrepreneurial success. When a young entrepreneur has a more mature and successful mentor who advises them, they are likely to have greater control over their emotions.

We all know that a quick way to make a business fail is to mix it with emotions or make crucial decisions based on emotional feelings. Situations like this can be curbed as mentors will help show you how to react in given instances.

A story on Business Insider reveals how Schmidt worked with then inexperienced Page to manage the affairs of running a fledgling startup. An inexperienced CEO often makes decisions based on emotions, but one with a mentor like Schmidt is able to overcome critical hurdles by making smart decisive judgments.

5. Get to work. Hard work always pays. Just make sure you follow the 7 secrets of online millionaires in Cameroon.

4 tips not to neglect on the working methods making money online in Cameroon

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