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How to insert pictures, tables, charts, shapes, symbols, equations, etc.

The Insert Ribbon

The insert menu or ribbon is use to input none word features to the microsoft working space, such as pictures, shapes, etc.


a)    Inserting A Picture:

–       Left click on the Insert menu.

–       Click on Picture

–       Go to the required location where the picture file is stored and select it by left clicking on it once.

–       Click on Insert.

b)    Inserting A Table:

–       Under the insert menu, click o Table.

–       Click on Insert Table.

–       Select the number of Rows and Columns.

–       Click on Ok.

c)     Inserting A Shape:

–       Click on Shapes under the insert menu.

–       Select the shape that suits your purpose.

–       Left click on any position on the working space. The shape automatically appears.

d)    Inserting a Word Art

–       Under the insert menu, click on Word Art.

–       Select the designation of your choice.

–       Click on OK.

N.B: During the above procedure, the text to be designed must have been highlighted.

e)     Inserting A Chart:

Under the insert menu click on chart and double click on the required chart to select it.

f)      Inserting A Clip Art:

This are features use for designation of a text and can also be use as a representation of a particular event or activities. As each an every feature in the clip art has it meaning or representation. To insert a clip art;

–       Click on Clip Art.

–       Click on Go.

–       Click on No

–       Left click on any feature to download it into the working page.

g)    Inserting Symbols And Equations

–       Left click on Insert.

–       Click on Symbol to insert a symbol or click on more symbols to view additional variety of symbol from which you can select your choice (select a symbol and click insert to confirm), click on Close to exit.

To insert an equation;

–       Under the insert menu click on Equation.

–       Select the class of equation which suit your purpose.

–       Select the type of equation from the call.

–       Insert the values for the equation if necessary.

–       Click on an empty space to confirm.

–       We can also click on the small arrow beside equation to insert a particular or an existing equation such as quadratic equation, Area of a circle, Fourier series, etc.

h) Inserting Page Numbers.

Page numbering is allocating numbers or letters to document pages for easy navigation.

Click on page number.

Select a numbering position.

Click on Format Page Number to change the number formats.


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