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How To Check Computer Properties.


The properties or characteristics of a computer depends on the capacity of the RAM, PROCESSOR and HARD DRIVE DISK.

The HDD determines the long term storage capacity of the computer. This determines how much data or information can be preserve within the system unit for use in future when need be. This capacity is often measured in GIGABYTES(GB).

The RAM determines how much data can be supply for processing in a given time, hence the higher the capacity of the RAM, the higher the amount of data available for processing. It is a memory hence unlike the HDD it measured in MEGABYTES (MB) and GIGABYTES (GB). An average computer should be running on RAM of at least 512MB

The PROCESSOR determines the amount of data that can be processed at a time, hence the higher the capacity of the PROCESSOR, the grater the amount of data the computer can process at a time. The capacity of the processor is measured in Megahertz (MHz) or Gigahertz (GHz). A good machine should be running on average of 2GHz Processor.

Today we have different type of PROCESSORS from the Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, to the latest Pentium

In conclusion, the speed of a computer depends on the PROCESSOR as well as the RAM. The RAM provides the raw material while the PROCESSOR does the processing; hence the amount of data process depends on the amount supplied per unit time and the amount process per unit time.


Conversions with storage.

8 bits (b)                         = 1 Byte (B)

1024 Bytes (B)               = 1 Megabytes (MB)

1024 Megabytes (MB) = 1Gigabytes (GB)


  1. a)
    RAM and Processor

  • –       Left click on start menu
  • –       Right click on my computer
  • –       Left click on properties

The type of opening system, the version of the operating system, the processor type, the processor capacity and the RAM capacity will be displayed.  Read differences Between RAM and Processor.

  1. b)
    Hard Disk Drive

  • Open any folder and click on  My Computer, Computer or This PC
  • Right click on a local disk (C, D, E, etc)
  • Left click on properties.

Here the capacity of the drive will be displayed showing used space and free space.

NB: The above approach is applicable for removable media devices (flash disk, memory card, floppy disk, CD drive, etc)