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A flash disk is a removable secondary storage device use to transfer data or information from one device to another.

flash drive in a window

  1. a)

    Accessing A Removable Disk

–       Left click on the START MENU

–       Right click on my computer

–       Left click on OPEN

Flash Disk and Memory Card

–       Go under the sub heading DEVICE WITH REMOVABLE STORAGE

–       Right click on the media device you want to access

–       Left click on OPEN

NB: Before executing this process, a media device must have been plugged in the computer (probability with the aid of a USB port) or inserted in the case of a CD or Floppy disk.

  1. b)

    Copying and Pasting A File/Folder to a Flash Disk

Right click on the file or folder you want to copy

Left click on copy

Open the location where you want to copy to

Right Click on an empty space in the location

Left click on paste

The file/folder will be copied to the new location.

NOTE: You can copy from a removable device to the computer or from the computer to a removable device or from location to another within the computer.

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