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Functions of the Computer Mouse and Keyboard

Understanding the mouse and keyboard

The computer mouse and keyboard are the two major input devices. Hence is of utmost importance the user understands the function of the mouse and keyboard.

The Mouse

The mouse is partition into three button; the left button, the right button and the scroll.

The left button is use to run a programme or to open a folder directly by double clicking on the file or folder. It is also use to select items by clicking once.

The right button of the mouse is when we have to do something other than opening a folder/file or running a programme. We right click on a file or folder so as to copy, delete, compress, run, open, etc.

The scroll is use to scroll through a window.

The mouse has a mouse pointer which displays different cursor with respect to the action of the computer at a particular time. It this mouse pointer which we use to direct the mouse to a particular position depending on the function to be carried out.

The Keyboard

The keyboard is use to input data into the computer.

The keyboard is made up of several keys which includes; the alphabetical, numerical  and the function keys.


Do well to carry out the proper study of the key board keys position with the aid of the typing teaching Application   Programme “MAVIS BEACON”.



1)   Shift key: The shift key is use to produce the 2nd function of the dual function keys e.g.

The function down (1) is the normal function while the one up (2) is the 2nd function. To use the 2nd function key, press and hold shift key and then press the key carrying the 2nd function

2)    Control key (Ctrl): Use for keyboard shortcuts e.g.  Ctrl + S to save a document. To do this; press and hold Ctrl and then press S

3)    Backspace: Use to clear characters from right to left.

4)    Delete: Use to clear characters from left to right.

5)    Caps – Lock: Use to change letter casing, that is toggle from lower to upper case and vise vesal.

NB: When in the upper case mode, the middle light of the top right of the keyboard will be turn on.

6)    Num Lock: Use turn on and turn off path.

NB: When Number path is turn on, the first light on the top right of the keyboard is turn on.

7)    TAB: Use to toggle between windows and most importantly nowadays to create paragraph in word document.

8)    Enter: Use to accept functions and also to move to next line in word document

9)    Space Bar: It is the longest key on the keyboard and is use to create space between characters

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