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How to format table; split a cell, merge cells, adding roles d column, etc


How to format table; split a cell, merge cells, adding roles and column, delete roles and column, insert charts.

1)    How to align text on a table;

–       Highlight the text to be aligned on the table.

–       Right click on the highlighted text.

–       Go to Alignment.

–       Select the required positioning by clicking on the most appropriate.

2)    How to spit a cell;

–       Right click on the cell you want to split.

–       Left click on Split.

–       Select the number of rows and column you want to split the cell into.

–       Click on Ok

3)    How to merge cells;

–       Highlight the group of cells to be merged.

–       Right click on the highlighted portion.

–       Click on Merge.

4)    How to add a row or column in an already existing table.

–       Right click in the cell where you want to add a Row or Column beside.

–       Go to Insert.

–       Select the position where the new row or column is to be added.

–       Just click on the Tab key when at the last row to insert and additional row at the end of a table.

5)    How to delete an entire row or column;

–       Highlight the row or column to be deleted.

–       Right click on the highlighted space.

–       Left click on Delete cells.

–       Select whether you’re to delete an entire row or column.

–       Left click on Ok.

6)    How to expand/contract.

–       Place your mouse cursor at the bottom right edge of the table.

–       Click and hold.

–       Move up, left, bottom or right either to contract or expand.

–       Right click on a table cell and select properties to attribute dimension(s) for the row/column.



Chart management in Microsoft Word also requires an understanding of excel. After inserting a chart following the procedure for inserting a chart, and excel page is spread opened.

table and chart management.

It is now left for us to edit values in the excel widow while the result is being displayed as chart on the Microsoft window. Here we can assign values for the ordinate and the abscissa.

Ø A blue box on the excel window determine the range of data that are being used to produce the result on the Word window.

Ø To write in any cell, we click on it once and strikes enter or click on an empty space to confirm the value.

Ø Left click on the bottom right of the blue box and hold, the move up or to the left to either eliminate a row or column.

In this accord the excel sheet is made up of series and categories. The category refers to the event or items while the series refers to the effect. We are to follow this category and series to help us adequately input our data into the spread sheet.

The application of chart will be more understood with a future example as we go on.

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