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Computer program here, we are referring to mostly application softwares. The computer programs are software components designed for particular purposes.

computer program

Computer Program Installation

(In this case, operating systems are exempted)

You can store computer programs on any of the removable storage devices or in HDD of the computer.

The following procedure is use to install a computer program;

Access the location where the program is found.

  • Open the program folder and look for the setup file (Note not all programs possess a program folder, some are made up just of the setup file and nothing else.)
  • Right click on the setup file
  • Left click on OPEN or RUN

Read all the preceding instruction and follow the procedure carefully mostly by accepting all positive response such as YES, OK, NEXT, I ACCEPT, I AGREE and CONTINUE.

At the end of the installation, click on FINISH to finalize the installation.

Programs installed on the computer are being saved in folder in Local HDD C known as PROGRAM FILE.


Running A Computer Program (Windows7)  

Left click on the start menu

  • Go to PROGRAMS

Select the program you want to run and left click on it START UP file to run it. If the program is in a folder here you must place your mouse on the folder to display the START UP file and the left click on it to run.

The STAR – UP file is that which act the KEY STARTER of a program to run. A program cannot run without the STAR – UP file.


The Control Panel (Windows7)

The CONTROL PANNEL is a location where we can alter the computer setting. These setting include

  • To adjust date and time
  • To install a new hardware
  • Keyboard setting
  • Mouse setting
  • Audio setting
  • Add or Remove program
  • Create a network connection


To access the control panel;

Left click on the start menu

Left click on control panel

Generally, we can click on the Start Button, Type Control, Panel on the search space and left click on control panel. This goes for all windows operating systems).

Read the instruction and follow them carefully to satisfy your purpose.


Uninstalling a computer program

In the control panel, left click on ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAM

Select the program you want to uninstall by left clicking on it.

Left click on REMOVE/CHANGE to continue.

Read all the instruction and follow all the procedures

NB: Most programs requires that you reboot/restart the system to complete the installation/uninstallation.


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