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These are the holes or socket on the system unit in which we can plug a hardware device. The uses of these ports are as follows:

basic computer ports

  1. a)USB port; this ports is design to harmonize hardware connection. That is most hardwares today are design with the USB plug so as to ease connection on any computer system unit.
  2. b)Network pot: Use to plug network connection cable
  3. c)Serial pot: These ports are usually two on a computer. One for the serial mouse and the other for the serial keyboard. The mouse port is usually green in colour while that for the keyboard is usually purple in colour and position down with respect to the mouse port.
  4. d)Parallel: This pot was initially designed for printers, today it is mostly use for the laser jet printer.
  5. e)Audio pot: They are three of them for three different purposes.
  6. i)Audio input pot to receive audio signal from an external source.
  7. ii)Audio output pot to send out audio signal to an external device.

iii)              Microphone pot use to adapt microphone to a computer.

  1. f)VGA port: This port is use to the VGA cable which transmits video and graphics signal from the system unit to the monitor. The VGA cable has a two sided   same plug, one for the SU and the other for the monitor.
  2. g)Power port: This where the power cord is being plugged. Power cord is the cable that supplies the computer system with electrical energy. We have two power ports, one for the monitor and one for the SU.


The following cables must be connected before switching on the computer.

Keyboard (serial or USB )

Mouse (serial or USB)

VGA (from SU to monitor)

2 power cords (one for the SU and one for the monitor.


Booting refers to the process from when the computer power button is press ON to when the computer finally reaches the desktop stage

There exist two kind of booting:

  1. a)Cold booting. This when a computer is turn on after being off for sometime.
  2. b)Warm booting. This refers to the process of restarting the computer

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